357 Mad Dog Hot Sauce – 357,000 Scoville Units

357 Mad Dog Hot Sauce - 357,000 Scoville Units

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  1. Chris

    My son has a Korean friend who scoffs at our hot sauce, so I got some of this stuff with him in mind.

    When it arrived, I went to try some on a burrito. The sauce wouldn’t come out of the bottle at first, so I shook harder (expecting it to have a very narrow neck like, say, a Tabasco bottle); about a tablespoon flowed out onto my burrito. I tentatively dipped my finger into the sauce and tasted it–it tasted great, and not too hot. I rolled up my burrito and took a bite. Suddenly the heat level started soaring. That’s a burn that grows and grows. I was literally in pain: nose running, eyes tearing, ears glowing, face pouring sweat. I drank milk; I ate peanut butter; I ate sugar; but mostly I just suffered and waited for the pain to go away.

    Shortly after the pain began diminishing in my mouth, I was able to eat a (different) burrito before my stomach started hurting. A couple of hours later I had a couple of bouts of vomiting–culminating in some bright red blood coming up.

    When my son’s friend visits, I’ll warn him and only let him put one drop in his dish to start.

    Average Taste Heat
  2. Name not provided

    I work at a BBQ place and we had the option to order from this company! I love hot Hot food, when we got the order the first thing i done was take the cap off and poured a lil in my hand and licked it!HUGE MISTAKE!!! So I thought that it would be great in my own sauce…. a few days later after a lil fun with some friends…. This guy walks in and tells me that he wants the hottest BBQ sandwich that i can make him… i warned him that it was ”off the scale hot” he told me that he was a man and he could take it. I went to the kitchen and put about 5 drops on his sandwich{ was too funny}. he took the first bite and laughted at me and told me that it was not hot at all that i was just a pansy!!! the second bite i was the one laughing he called the police on me and told them that i was trying to kill him!!!!! way to funny

    Average Taste Heat
  3. Michael Prickett

    I’m a Marine and I’ve been known as the

    Average Taste Heat
  4. eric/moron

    this sauce is the hottest sauce i ever had had in my life….. i was dared to eat 2 tablespoons full for $20 dollars… and the outcome was swollen face, runny nose, couldn’t see, threw up, and shit fire…. i would never do that again but it is hotT!!!!!!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  5. chis

    Best tasting sauce over 100,000 I’ve ever had. I had some wings just covered in this stuff the other day. It was a struggle, but was well worth it. This is the upper limit of what I would use as a sauce on its own because of the heat and the fact that I don’t think anyone can make a sauce hotter than this that would taste decent. A definate for the cocky girl who thinks she can handle hot stuff that you want to make cry.

    Average Taste Heat
  6. about 5 good drops and was amazed at the intense flavor and BURN! This is very tasty

    Holy Freaking Moly. This stuff is hot. I have been eating hot sauce for awhile. I put this in some leftover stirfry

    Average Taste Heat
  7. Steven R

    Do you long time!

    I just got my order from Firegirl and had to bust open the 357 first. I took some straight (off of a piece of bamboo). I was surprised at how sweet this stuff is. The heat was not surprising; even though I have never had any other sauce this hot, reading the other reviews prepared me sufficiently. It’s fifteen minutes later now, and the heat is leaving my mouth, but now my neck is sweating in a way that I wouldn’t have guessed.

    This stuff is not very tasty straight (too sweet). It will make a good addition to salsa, though.

    Average Taste Heat
  8. Wacky one

    Tried a few drops in sauce and the flavor of this stuff ruined the sauce. Does give a nice burn but the flavor really turned me off. Try Satans Blood, in moderation, for a much better flavor.

    Average Taste Heat
  9. Name not provided

    first hot sauce ever to make me say holy **** thats good!!! im determand to eat it and not go threw a loaf of bread in the process

    Average Taste Heat
  10. Balls of Fuego!!!!

    Kind of like a panty raid on a hornet’s nest!!!

    It’s like a small taste of red heaven until you find that you ate the Queen bee.

    And then the swarm attacks!!

    You can kiss your lips goodbye as well as that tastebud planet known as Uranus (or the muscular ring around Uranus.)

    If You fondle your member for ANY reason, DON’T!!!

    That will be a BIG mistake!!!

    Don’t let anyone drink from

    Average Taste Heat
  11. Name not provided

    My family always likes spicy foods so I bought Mad Dog 357 for my folks. We each put about 1/4 tsp on each of our dinner plates and we quickly realized we couldn’t eat any more than one mouthful of the dinner, even though we each only put a micro drop of Mad Dog on the consumed portion. So, I dumped all of our dinner off the plates into the garbage and washed the dishes in the sink. Well, the steam from the hot water vaporized the tiny amount of MD357 and I got it into my sinus. OUCH! I felt like I had just been pepper sprayed!!! It was impossible to stop coughing and my eyes teared up for about 5 minutes. Now I just use this stuff to repel deer and other pests from my garden. Whew!

    Average Taste Heat
  12. freakin chillie sauce head!!

    this sauce is hot but so much that u have to cry bout it ok? but it is good and tastes real good

    Average Taste Heat
  13. peppeteer i think its VERY HOT wont kill u but its hot one drop on a tortia chip should do it (very small drop) but that rob guy is a dumbass im sure he didnt (drink the whole bottle and say its mild) and for the flavor truthfully it dont taste the best

    i think its VERY HOT wont kill u but its hot one drop on a tortia chip should do it (very small drop) but that rob guy is a dumbass im sure he didnt (drink the whole bottle and say its mild) and for the flavor truthfully it don’t taste the best but its much better than most sauces this hot.

    Average Taste Heat
  14. meat

    i use this to smother my chicken when cooking on the grill. i cover my chicken like its bbq sauce. def. not the hottest sauce i have ever tasted but great for grilling.

    Average Taste Heat
  15. RJ

    Seriously, all these people who are saying this sauce is too mild are full of crap! This stuff is intense!

    I took the Mad Dog Challenge in Wildwood, NJ, where you had to lick a toothpick dropful and stand there for 60 seconds without opening your mouth. Well, being the chilihead I am I won, but not without intense pain, swelled lips and the right side of my face going numb.

    Oh, and it’s delicious. This is now my favorite hot sauce. It’s not super-mega hot like some of these capsicum extracts (which aren’t sauces) that may as well be made for medicinal prescriptions, this is a true sauce. Highly recommended!

    Average Taste Heat
  16. stanton

    Blam! Blam!………Blam!

    I bought this & rather foolishly put a good helping into a curry I had just made. The kids thought I had used the

    Average Taste Heat
  17. quite tasty!! A big glob on the first couple bites made my eyes water a bit

    Just had some at FireHouse Subs

    Average Taste Heat
  18. Name not provided

    You might want to have some milk (or even table cream) in the house before you try this one for the first time — just in case.

    It’s amazing how LONG it burns.


    Average Taste Heat
  19. R

    I wasn’t expecting a great tasting sauce when I bought this, but I was surprised. It has a nice sweet flavor. It is hot. Damn hot. But not unimaginably hot. I haven’t had Dave’s Insanity Sauce in a while, but it didn’t seem too much hotter than that.

    Oh, and it made my insides burn. That was a new experience. It felt like sun burn on my insides and left me with a mad case of bipolar constipation/diarrhea.

    Average Taste Heat
  20. Kris W.

    Let me just say that it felt as if I had given a $100 rim-job to satan. My tongue was on FIRE! It’s good stuff. It’s a slow burn, so you get a good chance to taste the sauce before it feels like you have swallowed gasoline. Get some today!

    Average Taste Heat
  21. Repentent Sinner

    I like hot food . I tried a few drops on a chip and the taste was all right and then all hell broke lose.I should have just ate a live jelly fish on that chip . The sensation of my tounge going numb ,face going red and my eyes swelling up was just the begining .I felt the burn all the way thru my system. I never felt my heart beating through my ASS before. This should be FDA regulated.

    Average Taste Heat
  22. Anonymous

    My school had some mad dog in the dining hall and since my school tends to have weak hot sauce I decided no big deal. I read the bottle, didnt know what a scoville unit was, doused my salami and took a bite. Bad idea, i chugged milk though I am partially lactose intolerant, had the chills for 2 and a half hours until lacrosse practice when i had to sprint off the field to the bathroom. Best poop of my life.

    Average Taste Heat
  23. Johnny Asbury

    I ordered a wing basket drenched in 357 at a well known brew pub. I told them i liked it hot, and they said, are you sure, cause this is really hot. Well, yes it WAS hot. very hot, but I ate all of the wings. All of the waitstaff slowly made their way over, and said…hey, your the guy that ate that stuff. i LOVED the 357. Im hooked now. I always was a lover of hot stuff, but this took me to a new level. !

    Average Taste Heat
  24. Bill

    This is a very flavorful sauce with heat. I don’t know why they now have to call it an additive it’s great on alot of things where the flavor will compliment the food that it is placed on as a condiment.

    It is hardly the hottest but it’s not a tarball. I don’t think I’d use it in my chili because it does alter the flavor in a way I don’t like. Now a couple drops on a raw oyster or clam and you are in heaven!

    Average Taste Heat
  25. Name not provided

    Loaded down a meatball sub and could only eat one bite. Very much a lingering heat, you feel it all the way down. Oh yeah, guys wash your hands very good before going to the bathroom, OUCH!!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  26. sean

    I bought this sauce a few months ago and it is great. I consider to be a chilehead that can handle some pretty hot stuff, but this is like nothing i’ve ever experienced before. 3-4 drops in my chile and i’m on cloud 9. Thanks to the Ashley company, and keep up the good work.

    Average Taste Heat
  27. Darien

    Holy molly… this stuff is the hottest thing i have ever had… At lunch today people dared me to drink a half a TABLESPOON of it and i did, it was the worst thing ever. i had to go to the nurse. I also got a little in my eyes and it stung like a mother f*****.

    Average Taste Heat
  28. Larry

    357 Mad Dog: this is a test Mary

    Average Taste Heat
  29. David

    If you say that this isn’t hot….no….If you say that this isn’t one of the hottest sauces you’ve ever had then you’re completely full of shit. Not only did this sauce ruin the rest of my day after eating it…It went ahead and ruined pretty much the rest of my entire weekend. I had maybe 3 drops on a tortilla chip and all hell broke loose with my mouth being the epicenter. I should’ve known though. At this Mexican restaurant in my town, they told me a story about how a bottle broke on the asphalt outside during one of the shipments and it stayed there and after about a week or so the rain and weather finally cleared it off and Mad Dog 357 had eaten the asphalt away. That’s pretty much what it did to my insides. Anyone who eats this by choice with no monetary reward is a flaming dumbass.

    Average Taste Heat
  30. Larry

    357 Mad Dog: this is a test Mary

    Average Taste Heat
  31. Fire Breathing Computer Geek

    WOW! This sauce is AWESOME! It has flavor aside from the rather horrendous burn it causes. It is by far the best tasting hot sauce I’ve had ever at this heat level. Add just a dab to anything and it really makes it taste good as well as adds *extreme* heat.

    The BEST!

    Average Taste Heat

    oh my god.. this one made me puke 4 times, it’s intense

    Average Taste Heat
  33. Name not provided

    This has become one of my favorites. Unlike most truly “hot” sauces, this one actually has a very nice flavor along with the more than adequate heat.

    Average Taste Heat
  34. LAX1379

    I swallowed about a teaspoon full straight up for free tickets to see Matrix Reloaded, and threw up 10 mintues later. Anyone who says this sauce isn’t hot is full of shit.

    Average Taste Heat
  35. Dan

    Very good in small amounts and brings plenty of punch to the table. Great in any application, especially in winter!! One of my friends tried a couple drops today and almost puked…he’s a bit of a wuss, but it goes to show what this will do to the average person. Use with caution, but definitely use it.

    Average Taste Heat
  36. da beats

    Trick your friends by putting about half a bottle onto a burger of theirs. You will never see soemthing funnier.

    PS: I may kill them

    Average Taste Heat
  37. Shingomama

    I bought just about every type of hot sauce and this one is the mildest I have ever tasted. I was very disappointed. But I have never tasted anything so good tasting. On a scale of 1-10 of taste, I would give it a 14.

    Average Taste Heat
  38. eD Pepper

    Really hot sauce, great in chili. Doesn’t have the best flavor straight up. I wasn’t crazy about the flavor.

    Average Taste Heat
  39. little scarlet demons bathing in it. I smeared a few drops on a cheeseburger yesterday eanticipating blueface and vomit what with all these reviews. The heat delivers nirvana in watery eyes and sniffles; the works. So far the hottest sauce I've championed

    Like Inferno with rabies, this is an off-the-chart scorcher. If anything is bothering you at all, just rub some of this on your lips and all will be forgotten. What’s all this about great flavor? Anyone attempting to try this sauce out of their own good will and not on a dare has seriously diminished taste buds to start. How can you taste anything but a wasp nest? Let’s not kid ourselves. It does have a smooth, deep-red consistency and interesting texture

    Average Taste Heat
  40. rldel in TN

    I knew this product by reputation. It lived up to it. The folks at Ashley Food Company make a series of fine products. This is another. It is intended to be hot and it won’t disappoint. I sent a bottle to a hunting buddy in Georgia. He and his couldn’t eat it. They described it as “too hot to eat”.

    It works well as a source of heat for soups, stews, jerky, chili and similar dishes. Used as a food additive, it should not send you to the hospital or proctologist. I do find it over my comfort level as a hot sauce. This sauce should be treated with caution as the label suggest. The responsible “pepper-head” should warn the innocent.

    Average Taste Heat
  41. Jenny

    For the first 5 seconds or so, I was able to taste the really good sweet and good flavor. Then my mouth and throat burned, my jaw became numb, and my stomach hurt.

    Average Taste Heat
  42. Andy

    Nice pepper taste at first then bang, Pain. All in All good stuff

    Average Taste Heat
  43. Habenero Harry

    I consider myself someone who really enjoys a good hot sauce. When I first tried this the first little taste wasn’t so bad, so I took a normal glob on the next bite. By the time I was chewing the second bite, the first bite started catching up. Beware the creep of the Habenero!!

    Anyone else that has written a review and said this isn’t hot, is full of shit. All of my friends who like the hot stuff agree, that it won’t take much of this stuff to satisy your heat craving. Also, when the burn starts to hit…use salt. The sodium takes away the burn. Good luck. And to use the famous words of Cheech, “C’mon Ice Cream!”

    Average Taste Heat
  44. Name not provided

    anyone who says this stuff isn’t hot isn’t telling you the truth. This is very excellent stuff !

    Average Taste Heat
  45. Chilehead

    This sauce is pretty damn hot!
    As a matter of fact I would say it’s in my opinion hotter and burns more than Mad Dog’s Revenge, which is surprising since Mad Dog’s Revenge claims to be 3X hotter than this.

    This sauce also tastes great.Not to mention the price is a very reasonable price.

    I reccomend this sauce very highly to any chilehead such as myself, as it’s hot as hell, tastes great, and has an awesome label.

    Average Taste Heat
  46. Name not provided

    My brother bought some of this stuff, for some one in his unit, his story is on here, but he told me about that stuff, and a fue weeks later he brought it down here, because alot of people down here claim they can take hot stuff. this guy we called killer took half a cap full, and at first he was trying to act hard, i knew he was burning on the inside, so i rushed n the house to get him a cup of milk, i was in the house no more than 30 sec.s and wen i can back out he was already running down to his house getiin his own milk, he couldnt wait for me. he was eating loafs of bread, people on my street was yelling at him seying ur gonna have to get a new o ring transplant in the morning. i was JUT HOLDING the dang bottle n i rubbed my eyes n my eyes started to burn. now my boy friend thinks he can take it, my brother cant wait to get him over here to light his fire, wen i told my brother that he likes hot stuff his eyes got big and he had a huge smile on his face, we cant wait to feed it to him.

    Average Taste Heat
  47. michael taylor

    I work at a steel plant and one of my supervisior went to tennesee for vacation and brought some back.Ever since then every body keeps trying it to see how long they can take the heat.I haven’t seen anyone last for more than 45 seconds.It upsets their stomakes and make them sick sometimes they put it on there sandwiches and then they have to throw they sandwhich away and the idots does the same thing the next day.It is good sauce though just be careful and to thosee who i work with (GROW UP.)

    Average Taste Heat
  48. Tums Rulz

    A very good flavor for such a hot sauce. Some of the “burn just to burn” sauces taste like tar from the capsicum extract, but this one is quite nice. If you are not an experienced chili-head, be very careful with this one, it is hot enough to send you to the hospital — almost hot enough to kill.

    Average Taste Heat
  49. big Tony

    Damn, it still burns!!!!!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  50. big Tony

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh this stuff is hot!!!! My tounge, throat, nose, lips burned for an hour!!!!!!!!!! ouch!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  51. Habanero Head

    This sauce is quite good. It tastes a lot like really hot ketchup.

    Average Taste Heat
  52. Mit

    I can handle that easily that is one of the sauce i eat and i have tried even hotter sauce that .

    Average Taste Heat
  53. Flash Sawyer

    Holy Moley!!! Still can’t stop my lips from burning! Excellent!

    Average Taste Heat
  54. rob

    Stop crying, I drank the whole bottle and it’s hot, but it’s not that hot!!!!!!!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  55. Rick

    I like hot sauce. I like VERY hot sauce. But this sauce is totally rediculous. If you can stand more than a drop of this in your chili, then you are a mutant freak from another galaxy. This is a great novelty and fun for collectors, but you really can’t put it on your food. It’s too damn hot.

    Average Taste Heat
  56. nothing

    After reading all the reviews I expected something extra. First tried it on a toothpick -nothing
    Tried on a cracker -nothing
    Tried spilling few drops on the tongue

    Average Taste Heat
  57. madmike

    i first had a taste of this stuff
    in fanieul hall in boston.one drop on the tounge
    ad i realised hell.one minute is about all
    it took for me to have Got Milk commercials
    has my only thought.took forever (about
    5 mins.)to find a beer,took two days for the sting to
    go away,good luck to those
    that dare *)mad

    Average Taste Heat
  58. Mike

    The first time I tried this stuff I watched my dad take it first and his face turned red. I tried this stuff inspite of my dads warning of telling me that it was hotter then ‘Dave’s Private Reserve.’ I took a tooth pick and put alittle of this stuff, and then a few secounds later my face turned red and I actualy thought I was going to cry. Alittle while after I took it, I had sneezed and my back acted up so I took this stuff again and it made me stop thinking about the pain in my back. I caution those who try. It is very very hot!

    Average Taste Heat
  59. Chris T

    Once in Hawaii I had Daves private reserve only because my dad did it so stupidly enough i have to match him. I was not prepared for that burn and almost passed out.
    When a ate 357 Maddog i was prepared but highly underestimated the power of the burn .

    Average Taste Heat
  60. Name not provided
    Average Taste Heat
  61. Dennis K. Van Gemert

    This is truly good stuff, but be careful, be very careful.

    Average Taste Heat
  62. Pat T.

    Very good hot sauce. I have others that taste better but they don’t have the heat this does. So when I feel like setting my mouth on fire I go for this. When I don’t quite feel up to it I go for the others. Very good in chile, gumbo & soup.

    Average Taste Heat
  63. Name not provided


    Average Taste Heat
  64. Blisterin' Bob

    I must be a freak to like this but I do! Very distinctive taste when your mouth can taste again.

    Average Taste Heat
  65. hot man

    I Love HOT SAUCE but this takes the cake.YOU NOW TO DO IT MAD DOG…

    Average Taste Heat
  66. Name not provided

    This is the hottest hot sauce in the universe. The taste is great too!!

    Average Taste Heat
  67. Time zipper

    Really, really, really hot! No, Hotter than really really hot. Maybe really really really friggin hot ass hot crappin fire screamin ouch bringin elvis back hot.

    Average Taste Heat
  68. Dennis

    I received my delivery this morning, and couldn’t wait to give it a try. I pride myself in my ability to handle hot… but WOW! The bonus is that it has great flavor too, after the taste buds start working again.

    Average Taste Heat
  69. Name not provided

    I must say, this stuff made me crap fire. Excellent taste, but put my on my ass!! Interestingly enough my grandmother got a hold of this stuff, and added to a few dishes and not only put hair on my chest, but made me cry like a little girl. It’s soo good, it hurts.

    Average Taste Heat
  70. SoCalScout

    HOT but I like it that way.

    Average Taste Heat
  71. jeff

    hotter than i could stand an i eat habeneros like hard candy!

    Average Taste Heat
  72. Name not provided

    TOO HOT!!! a long hard burn that litterally takes your breath away.

    Average Taste Heat
  73. Wookie


    Average Taste Heat
  74. ron

    This stuff is so hot it hurts seriously. 1/2 drop was all I could handle. I broke out in a sweat and mt throat hurt my tongue was numb DANGEROUS You don’t taste this stuff you feel it. Why bother with the garlic and onion? At least the bottle looks good because it will take me 5 years to eat all of it

    Average Taste Heat
  75. Tuna Man

    Mad Dog 357 has a sweet flavor that is very distinct. The thing is, this sauce is so hot that if you can taste it, you’re going to be in trouble!! Great on rice or pasta, but be careful, the Dog will hurt you!!

    Average Taste Heat

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