Ass In The Tub Hot Sauce


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  1. not overpowering but definately some zing. Great Stuff!!!

    Mixed this in with a batch of chili I just made and it was absolutely awesome. Fantastic flavor, nice level of hot

    Average Taste Heat
  2. Stefan (Western Australia)

    Great sauce and an eye-catching label.

    Average Taste Heat
  3. ranger silverback

    Nice sauce a little weak in the heat area. Not a bad taste, perfect for chips.

    Average Taste Heat
  4. Snowball to the outhouse

    I liked it, I’m a Krakatoa fan, but this stuff was really good. Good heat, great flavor.

    Average Taste Heat
  5. Name not provided

    This sauce actually tastes good with a serious kick. It’s great for chili or red beans & rice. I have a bottle of this and a bottle of endorphine rush in my fridge. The endorphine rush is for adding a couple drops in a whole batch of chili, this you can add a few drops per bowl.

    Average Taste Heat
  6. Chris

    I went camping and saw this stuff sitting on the table next to some chili. They warned me it was hot, but I am an extreme food eater. I took an entire teaspoon and can honestly say, this stuff isn’t really that hot.

    No one believed me, so I took my finger and put some of the sauce directly in my eye.

    It didn’t even make me cry.

    I told everyone next time we go camping I’ll bring some really hot stuff. Endorphin Rush, Dave’s Insanity, or maybe some PureCap if I can get anyone to try it.

    Ass in The Tub is only hot for people who think tabasco is pushing it.

    Average Taste Heat
  7. Name not provided

    not bad not bad at all. I tried it on pizza and wings. hot but not over-hot

    Average Taste Heat
  8. Name not provided
    Average Taste Heat
  9. hjuh
    Average Taste Heat
  10. Name not provided
    Average Taste Heat
  11. Name not provided
    Average Taste Heat
  12. jim

    it is good

    Average Taste Heat
  13. Name not provided
    Average Taste Heat
  14. chilehead

    this just became my favorite sauce. heavvy-duty scorch, with the yummy flavor of cayenne instead of nasty habanero. and without the excessive salt and vinegar which ruins most cayenne suaces.

    Average Taste Heat
  15. spanishfly

    best hot sauce ever

    Average Taste Heat
  16. lubs


    Average Taste Heat
  17. Hot Saucer

    Very nice sauce. Very Spicy, but not overpowering. A good all around bearable and usable hot sauce.

    Average Taste Heat
  18. Ken Pearl

    Impressive, usually hot sauce is not hot enough for me, but HOLY SH*T! I will carry this bottle everywhere I eat. No food will be eaten without being blessed by this wonderful sauce. Great job, keep up the good work

    Average Taste Heat

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