Backdraft Firefighter’s Hot Sauce

Backdraft Firefighter's Hot Sauce

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  1. Name not provided

    An excellent mild, slightly sweet sauce that is great with things like meatloaf, or as an ingredient in barbecue sauce. Love it! But the vendor’s heat rating of 9 is insane; at best give it a 4.

    Average Taste Heat
  2. Michael

    My favorite forever was Inner Beauty (no longer available)… Backdraft has become my favorite tasting hot sauce and taste-wise is sublime. Heat is lacking and is certainly not level 9. But I fix this up right quick by mixing 1/2 tsp of Dave’s Insanity in… and Voilla! Worlds best hot sauce!

    Average Taste Heat
  3. Name not provided

    excellant taste, probably my favorite hot sauce but i would only rate it about a four in hotness.

    Average Taste Heat
  4. Ryan Sheil

    Backdraft Hot Sauce: Although Backdraft is great tasting on just about anything, the heat level is most certainly not a nine. (either that or I am just crazy)

    I bought some of this at Old ORchard Beach (for 3.50 more than here) and it was well worth the money. I bought backdraft on a gamble because it was supposed to be the same heat level as Mad Dog INferno… it is not but it is a better sauce for purposes where a mustard taste is wanted (oddly great on mexican foods).

    I rate this sauce as very good for the price and a great tasting sauce for anyone who is into a sweet mustard taste, while looking for a medium heat.

    Average Taste Heat

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