Bayou Butt Burner Hot Sauce

Bayou Butt Burner Hot Sauce

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  1. Name not provided

    not too hot but the tangy garlicky flavor makes this the best hot sauce i’ve tasted.

    Average Taste Heat
  2. Sarah

    Kinda hot for me but the flavor keeps me going back for more. A must have!

    Average Taste Heat
  3. webking

    this is the only nice ass i ever seen online cept maybe 1 years ago. What the fuck is with not bein able to find actual hotties online, i no good lookers are sparse but this sucks.


    Average Taste Heat
  4. Name not provided
    Average Taste Heat
  5. Name not provided
    Average Taste Heat
  6. Jeff Parino

    This is the best sauce I have ever had. It was hot but just the right amount of hot. It was GOOD! Great on tacos & pizza!

    Average Taste Heat
  7. folkfest.com

    I’ve had quite a lot of Hot Sauces, but so far, the flavor of this one is outstanding. It has a taste quite distictive from any other hot sauce I’ve tried.

    Average Taste Heat

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