Blair’s 6AM Limited Edition


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  1. edhdjwj
    Average Taste Heat
  2. edhdjwj
    Average Taste Heat
  3. edhdjwj
    Average Taste Heat
  4. Captain Obvious

    Okay Mark, I’m not normally one to call someone out like this, but to say that literally the hottest element on earth is bland and medium draws to one of two conclusions: You either put one drop in a 2 gallon container of water and tried it, or your a complete liar. There is nothing higher than 16 million scoville units in this universe.

    Average Taste Heat
  5. chilliman

    this is hell in a bottle … this is way too hot .. i cant beleive this exists

    Average Taste Heat
  6. Name not provided

    This stuff is too hot! Whatever you do don’t get any on your skin you will regret it time and time again.

    Average Taste Heat
  7. FireFan

    Oh My God!!! What The Heck Is This Stuff, A Word To The Wise This Stuff Is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY Too Hot! And Just Downright Dangerous!!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  8. Stump

    I tried a bit and wept like someone stole my bike. I was throwing cheese and milk in my mouth to sooth the pain! Nothing worked and the devil himself said he can’t eat it.

    I had a person at work try the 2AM and they thought it was good. I then was pissed so bought this bottle. She asked me if it was going to be hot and said

    Average Taste Heat
  9. tms

    The hottest thing ive tried. I had 3 am but this blew it away. Its not meant to be a sauce so the flavor isnt an issue although it is much milder than most extracts ive found. It kicks ass.

    Average Taste Heat
  10. Mark Edmunds

    I recently tried Blair’s 4AM and was quite dissapointed, so I ordered a bottle of Blair’s 6AM. Sadly to say my opinion of the the sauces are the same…. quite bland. Please find a hot sauce to satisfy my tastebuds!

    Average Taste Heat
  11. #68

    bottle #68 was very hot. everyone agreed with amazement that it was the hottest thing that they had ever tasted — few wanted to try it more than once. toothpicks were used (consistency of crystalized honey) — some dabbed (a tiny amount from the cork) straight to the tongue and some spread it on chips or cheese. only one person threw up, but he had aggressively dug up some of the crystals. a toothpick coated with 6am was mixed into a pint of some basically mild salsa giving it a great kick, and surprisingly the extract-taste was nearly undetectable after the salsa sat overnight. when taken straight, it does have that harsh extract taste. since you need very little 6am to heat up the food, attaining the same heat doesn’t impart as much taste as my other hot sauces. i’m going to have a lot of fun experimenting with this — it will likely last a long time….

    the wax was hard to cut away. the lip of the bottle is very near to the top of the wax (maybe 1/2 inch down), and the cork is a standard, slightly conical cork that is stuck in the top of the wax along with the keychain and skull. i peeled the wax from the bottom up, but if i had to do it again, i probably would have just taken the top of the wax off.

    Average Taste Heat
  12. without going into specifics!

    Ms. Firegirl, may I say

    Average Taste Heat

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