Blair’s After Death Hot Sauce (with skull keychain)

Blair's After Death Hot Sauce (with skull keychain)

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  1. bkerim
    Average Taste Heat
  2. bkerim
    Average Taste Heat
  3. bkerim
    Average Taste Heat
  4. bkerim
    Average Taste Heat
  5. wfqyjc
    Average Taste Heat
  6. bkerim
    Average Taste Heat
  7. wfqyjc
    Average Taste Heat
  8. wfqyjc
    Average Taste Heat
  9. joey

    Meh…not that hot. Great flavor. Maybe it’s just me, but it only seemed slightly hotter than tabasco sauce. Seemed similar to sauces that are rated 6 or 7 on this site. I put two large tablesoons in a small bowl of soup, and my nose only barely started to run at the very end of the meal. On a hotness scale I would rate this 6 out of 10.

    Average Taste Heat
  10. Jamie

    This is one of the best hot sauces. It has a lot of flavor and is very hot, just the way I like it. Good on mexican food and also great for mixing with BBQ sauce.

    Average Taste Heat
  11. Willy Wonka

    My favorite of the ‘insanity or above’ level sauces (>50k scovies). It’s got good heat, enough where you don’t want to get crazy and start using straight as a dipping salsa, but not as overwhelming as Da Bomb can be (sometimes).

    The flavor is, at least to me, just right. It’s got that special Blair’s taste to it (kind of like Sudden Death, but I like this one better). Goes great with eggs, meat, mexican food, spaghetti, pizza, you name it!

    Average Taste Heat
  12. FireEater

    Good, as medium hot sauces go! I like (personally) the MEGA Death much more, though the SUDDEN Death is also hot! I would give the following ratings (out of 10) AFTER Death = 5.9; SUDDEN Death = 7.6; amd MEGA Death = 8.8. My 2 cents!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  13. Gabriel

    taste like heaven but hot as hell

    Average Taste Heat
  14. Eponick

    My uncle got me some of this and I love it! I add it to almost everything because it adds heat without altering the flavor.
    Shake a bit of this into my Chicken ramen and I am in heaven with a glass of milk beside me.

    Average Taste Heat
  15. Graviton_Phoenix

    This stuff has got some serious scorch, but not so much that a drop ignites a whole meal. And it tastes great too, just like the Original Death Sauce with very little extract taste. Not as hot as the extreme sauces, but pretty damn close, and it doesn’t make your food taste like rotten wood. You rock, Blair! Firegirl too!

    Average Taste Heat
  16. lefty

    this is good stuff, a little short of the heat of dave’s insanity, but the wonderful sweet, smoky flavor makes up for it….

    Average Taste Heat
  17. Chilebomb

    For those of you that think that this sauce is too hot, all I have to say is that you aren’t seasoned with real hot sauces. This is in fact on the milder end of the Death Sauce line. Don’t get me wrong, it is fairly hot (50k Scovilles), but it is nothing compared to the Mega Death sauce (500k Scovilles) or the pepper extracts for that matter.

    As far as flavor goes, you would be hard pressed to find a tastier hot sauce. That is what this sauce delivers. Good heat with excellent flavor. A lot of sauces will give you heat, but don’t deliver good flavor. There are some really nasty ones out there, the Da’Bomb line comes to mind.

    BTW whoever said that Adrenaline Rush is hotter than this doesn’t know what they are talking about. Adrenaline Rush is only at 35k Scovilles. It’s not a bad tasting sauce, but not nearly as good as After Death.

    Average Taste Heat
  18. Lenair

    My favorite sauce at the moment. Taste is awesome. Heat is perfect. No burrito or taco is complete without it.

    Average Taste Heat
  19. Scott (Dragon835)

    My all time favorite hot sauce. Great heat, and awesome on flavor.I would not say heavenly flavor, but EXTREMELY GOOD for a HOT sauce. Enjoy!!

    Average Taste Heat
  20. chris

    I mixed bbq sauce A1 sauce and about 1 teaspoon of blairs after death sauce and put it all over my steak it basicly runied my steak so i am now eating my steak with bread to damn hot

    Average Taste Heat
  21. Jimbo

    I love any and all of the Blair’s products I’ve tried thus far (Sudden Death, Possible Side Effects, Mega Death) but this is my favorite. It’s the ‘weakest’ of the others I’ve tried but you would be well served to still respect this sauce! I started losing that respect (was putting it fairly liberally on my tacos and the heat wasn’t that much) but quickly gave it back after eating half a teaspoonfull plain. MAN…felt like someone was slicing the tip of my tongue open with a knife (for about 10 consecutive minutes!!). Took a couple glasses of milk and a bunch of pringles to settle the pain (still kinda enjoyable :b).

    From now on I’ll just continue to use it with food and not pretend like it’s some ‘mild’ restaurant salsa :-)

    Average Taste Heat
  22. whecks

    One of my favorites in the hot sauce department…due to its ability to promote distinctive and friendly flavor in an otherwise violent market of products.
    Seems to have a molasses flavor (although molasses is not a listed ingredient).
    Less peppery than Da’ Bomb products, less astringent than the Dave’s products…all of which I appreciate on different occasions.

    Average Taste Heat
  23. kristine

    very, very hot. so hot, in fact, that i couldn’t discern much flavor. i would only use this sauce in cooking, where the heat could be put to good use enlivining a recipe. i would not be able to pour this directly onto food

    Average Taste Heat
  24. Name not provided

    This is my favorite sauce. It’s not the hottest, but it does have the best flavor, especially on pizza.

    I’ve tried the following sauces:
    Dave’s Insanity Sauce
    Liquid Stoopid
    Pain 100%
    Blair’s Death Sauce
    Tapatio (Mild, but my other favorite)
    Tabasco (Original, Jalapeno, Chipotle)
    Various asian chile sauces

    Average Taste Heat
  25. Jason C

    I got some as a Christmas present. I don’t know if my father-in-law knew I liked hot sauces a lot, or just wanted me dead! This stuff is great. Probably the hottest I have had yet. I can’t wait to try others from this site.

    Average Taste Heat
  26. Charles (Atlanta, GA)

    Personally, I thought the sauce had a great flavor AND heat. Especially heat!! :P ~ I give this two tongues up!

    Average Taste Heat
  27. ozzie

    I’m Jamaican, and we love spicy food! This stuff is the hottest ever!

    Average Taste Heat
  28. Name not provided

    I have to agree with another reviewer, that it adds heat without adding much flavor. I must say, however, that this belongs in a higher category of heat. This sauce is DEFINITELY not for the faint-of-heart.

    Average Taste Heat
  29. Cornfield

    To me it tastes alot like Dave’s Insanity Sauce, but not quite so hot. Has a pleasant after taste. I use it mainly as an additive to soups and stews.

    Average Taste Heat
  30. Name not provided

    Ths stuff is so great. i love it, im addicted!!!!! its the best!!!!!!!!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  31. Endorphin Rush Killer

    this is the real deal
    tasted this while diluted with water in resturant, should be up there with off the scale hot! couldnt continue eating my food after i poured it on while trying to win a bet against friends. I lost!!!!!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  32. Jamie

    Good in small amounts. the taste really isnt there, it’s all spice no flavour. if youre just lookin to liven things up without changing the taste this is want you want. Note: this is not a beginner sauce.

    Average Taste Heat
  33. Joshua Coffman

    As far as the “really hot” sauces go, this one actually TASTES great too.

    Average Taste Heat
  34. Adam in H-town

    This is not a very hot sauce, which is why it is in the catagory it is in. It has a great flavor and makes a great addition to a dip, but it isnt in the same league as Vicious Viper or Endorphin Rush. That being said, my taste buds are so fried from years of chili eating and jalapenos and now habeneros too, so maybe my tongue isnt a good jundge these days!

    Average Taste Heat
  35. Will@NGC

    Best Sauce-Assisted Stomach Suicide I have ever had!

    Average Taste Heat

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