Blair’s Death Nacho Cheese Dip

Blair's Death Nacho Cheese Dip

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  1. Judy

    I just read that it has very little fat. Wow! Cheese with low fat. How is that?

    Average Taste Heat
  2. ed harper

    this stuff is pathetic. I bought this hoping for an existential experience and all i got was cold cheese dip. I was expecting ALOT more from blair’s, but this was lame. It is entirely not worth the money. Now, once you add a few toothpicks worth of 3am, it became decent, but i could have done that with a $3 bottle of cheese dip. My mother, who can’t eat mild salsa because its to hot, said that this was no worse than mild store bought stuff. My opinion, don’t waste your money

    Average Taste Heat
  3. al

    Very good, not an 8 though, more like a 6.5 or 7 on the scale.

    Average Taste Heat
  4. Larry

    This stuff is so good, I ordered a case of it.

    Average Taste Heat
  5. Mary

    I was surprised to see how little fat is in it.

    Average Taste Heat
  6. Name not provided
    Average Taste Heat
  7. Name not provided
    Average Taste Heat
  8. Name not provided
    Average Taste Heat

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