Blair’s Possible Side Effects Hot Sauce (with skull)

Blair's Possible Side Effects Hot Sauce (with skull)

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  1. ckkxkvpk
    Average Taste Heat
  2. ckkxkvpk
    Average Taste Heat
  3. ckkxkvpk
    Average Taste Heat
  4. ckkxkvpk
    Average Taste Heat
  5. drewt

    NEVER eat three teaspoons of Possible Side Effects in rapid succession with nothing to chase it down. It is plain stupid.

    Average Taste Heat
  6. Name not provided

    this stuff is nothing i had a whole bottle and wasn’t thirsty

    Average Taste Heat
  7. Sheik Yerbouti

    I can’t believe how bloody hot it was. Me and three friends tried just one glob each on a piece of tortilla and our mouths didn’t stop burning. Our eyes watered, our tongues burned, and our stomachs were extremely upset. Not for the faint of heart, pregant women, or old people. HA

    Average Taste Heat
  8. Pegbone

    I have read the reviews and I hate to be the odd man out but,,, I thrive for stuff like this… Yes sir it is the hottest that you do not have to sign a waver to get and it is awesome

    Average Taste Heat
  9. meat

    use it in my chili….use 1.5 oz to 2 oz and makes the chili perfect. a perfect spice to it. i had people who don’t really like spicy food love my chili bc it was spicy but not to spicy. when just cooking for myself i like to use a little over half a bottle, but thats me. by itself to take a half bottle would be nuts but in chili its not hot at all

    Average Taste Heat
  10. freak face

    this stuff is this the hottest stuff i’ve ever tasted and i’ve had some deadly stuff, and i’m only nine years old, my dad turned me on to hot sauce and i love it. this stuff will clear your head of any thought and your tongue and lips will burn for 20 minutes. Me and my dad love this stuff and eat it all the time, thanks blair.

    Average Taste Heat
  11. Chris D

    Yes, I just got this sauce. It is a nice flavored sauce, with an underlying mega-death sauce taste. It may be hot to those not accustomed to hot food so err with caution. Personally for me, it is mild but full of flavor. I had about half a bottle of it today on my pasta. It was a very nice flavor adder.

    Average Taste Heat
  12. Sigma

    My heat scale :
    I bought the sauces described below. In a scale of 1 to 10 (there is no 10+ or 10++ in this scale)

    Blair’s Possible Side Effects Hot Sauce (with skull) : 6

    Pure Cap : 8.5

    One Million Scoville Units Concentrated Pepper Extract : 10

    Average Taste Heat
  13. Mike B

    Very hot stuff great for cooking and addingto condiments. Work with some dork who is always using others ketchup from the fridge at work but would never admit it. I put some PSE in a bottle and just waited>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Now he brings his own.

    Average Taste Heat
  14. Hopper

    Heat was intense. I super spiced some tortellini the other day. So hot I couldn’t even finish them. I was sweating and shaking and had the hiccups.

    But the taste of this stuff. Truly repugnant. It’s like licking a wet dog that ran through a ditch filled with moldy blood.

    Once you get enough to get the spice up to a level of intensity, you can taste that horrid colostomy bag flavor of Blair’s sauce. Not recommended based on flavor.

    Average Taste Heat
  15. Mark

    Bought this along with some mad dog 357, i like this sauce because it’s not deadly hot and has a good flavor, i tend to use 5 parts of franks red hot with 1-2 parts of this, good strong flavor! Actually eating some right now. Highly recommended

    Average Taste Heat
  16. eric

    its not as hot as claimed.

    Average Taste Heat
  17. Chuck

    My teeth are numb, my extremeties are tingling and I am seeing colors I didn’t think existed. Anybody looking for that post-burn rush of endorphins should definitely check Blair’s PSE out.

    Average Taste Heat
  18. WizardOfTheGhetto

    Does anyone know the scoville units of this sauce

    Average Taste Heat
  19. smokeyjoe

    This stuff is brutal! By far the hottest sauce I’ve ever eaten. I’ve actually had to throw out whole plates of spaghetti because I accidentally put too many drops on. 1-2 miniscule drops is usually enough for a manageable burn. I’ve had the same bottle for 4 years now, put it on everything I cook (pretty much) and I’ve barely cleared the neck of the bottle. Don’t listen to any of these crackheads saying it’s mild. This stuff is INSANE!

    Average Taste Heat
  20. Sigma

    This stuff is no good.
    Awful taste , medium heat …
    I bought it because I though it is going to be one HOT sauce , it wasn’t .

    I guess I’ll need to keep making my own sauces and then use PureCap to give it some extra heat. this way it will taste great and have burning heat.

    Average Taste Heat


    Average Taste Heat
  22. Koo Lee Oh

    Hot? I think not….I use it to brush my teefus.

    Average Taste Heat
  23. clay

    very hot. i love it. perfect to leave in fridge at work so those who steal food will think twice after getting ahold of this stuff.

    Average Taste Heat
  24. Tracy, Canada

    Yup, it’s hot, but this sauce is all about balance. Fantastic flavor, very enjoyable heat rush, and a lovely lingering richness that keeps you coming back. Adds just the right back-up flavor to an omelette filled with sauteed onions and big mild peppers like anchos and anaheims. Good stuff!

    Average Taste Heat
  25. Chainsaw

    Blair’s Possible Side Effects Hot Sauce: Don’t let these idiots posting above fool you. This stuff is pure evil, from the very depths of hell itself. A tiny, tiny drop produces pain, sweat, tears and anguish for about 20 minutes or more. I Love It!

    Average Taste Heat
  26. Bill---

    The wave of heat is instant.The flavor is good but the heat may overwelm you. Good chilehead sauce !

    Average Taste Heat
  27. Mattie B.

    Possible Side Effects is goood stuff…BUT….lets not kid ourselves!!! It’s not the hottest sauce around by a damn sight!! Dave’s Insanity (original) is about 5x hotter than this. Having said that, PSE is much more versatile because it adds a hell of a lot of flavor along with its intense heat, while Dave’s just kills you with burning pain. Each have their place, I guess but I think the Blair’s line of sauces really balance flavor with the heat better than most others. Just my 2 cents!!

    Average Taste Heat
  28. Rich

    My second bottle of hot sauce…I kinda decided I’m going to collect a bunch for no good reason.

    I dig it! Not killer, but good…let my roommate try it first (not cause I am a wuss, but I knew he’d go macho and use too much). Poured a good 3-4 drops on a nacho then walked around the apartment drinking beer after beer for 10 minutes.

    Good times!

    Average Taste Heat
  29. michaels

    there wasn’t anyhting special about the heat or the taste. There’s better Blair’s sauces that I’d rather use.

    Average Taste Heat
  30. captainward

    This sauce is not the “hottest sauce” in any sense of the word. This sauce pales in comparison to “U can’t handle this hot sauce”. Not sure where the 10+ came from, but I’d give this stuff a 7. Hotter than tobasco, but you can still poor it on like it was and it burns just like tobasco used to.

    Average Taste Heat
  31. michaels
    Average Taste Heat
  32. mexico

    I tried this sauce in a bowl of chili “wew”!!!! damn that’s hot. I gave some to my macho friends they couldn’t finish their food. They have much respect for this sauce

    Average Taste Heat
  33. Chris

    Possible Side Effects isn’t the hottest in my collection, but it is my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, this IS hot. I’d give it a 10, but not a 10+. When the burn wears off a tad, the flavor is heavenly. Definitely can cause double burning in large enough quantities.

    Average Taste Heat
  34. High Voltage

    Unless you have an asbestos tounge be careful. I put it in soup and it seemed to intensify the heat. It is better on solid food especially pasta, and is very good to add to your favorite BBQ sauce

    Average Taste Heat
  35. Heather

    Holy S**t Batman, that’s HOT!! I don’t care how bold/macho you are, DO NOT TRY MORE THEN ONE DROP!!!! One teeny drop will heat up a whole batch of chili! Two is unbearable (been there, done that).

    Average Taste Heat
  36. Dave

    Well, I must say that I have been a pepper head for a long time and have currently a collection of 16 bottles of sauce in the fridge. I got this bottle of sauce as a christmas gift and though “ooo wow another bottle of hot sauce that says its the hottest but really isn’t”. Well their happened to be some popcorn in the room so I said what the H-ll I’ll try some now and proceeded to pour it out onto about 3 or four pieces of popcorn and popped them into my mouth. I had had a couple of drinks and at first the heat didn’t get to me but after about 10 secounds my mouth began to catch on fire….Wow what a rush…ya pepper heads know the one…I love this sauce..although the rest of me didn’t care for it. I would recomend this sauce to anyone would loves the rush and also it has a very nice after taste.

    Average Taste Heat
  37. Name not provided

    This stuff gave me the runs it was so hot. When the runs drip on my nards…it burned the hair off my bag

    Average Taste Heat
  38. Matt

    A very good sauce. Combines lots of heat with a very pleasant flavor, the burn is very enjoyable and leaves a great taste in your mouth. It’s very spicy, but not unbearably hot. Recommended.

    Average Taste Heat
  39. Scott Marrs
    Average Taste Heat
  40. williamfortner310@hotmail.com

    i found possible side effects a very good sauce for the uneducated the flavor is great but to be honestthe heat aint there even ass blaster is hotter let alone the always endorphin rush

    Average Taste Heat
  41. Name not provided

    It ain’t that hot, i’ve just wrote this review too see if they put anything up here

    Average Taste Heat
  42. Heywood

    I love this sauce, it is my absolute favorite. Aside from the fact that it is hotter than a match on your tounge is great, but what separates it from other sauces is, it tastes great with just about anything.

    While some sauces are great with Chicken and rice, and some are good with Mexican food, (I am a connoisseur, to say the least!) this one miraculously does both very well. Its not very often you find that.

    This sauce does very well in chili and bento dishes, as well as taco salads, although because of the concentration, it is hard to distribute with them.

    This is bottom line, my favorite sauce, out of my collection.

    Average Taste Heat
  43. big Joe

    It feels like they sprayed me with mace!!!!!!!! this is hot

    Average Taste Heat
  44. moe

    This sauce is crazy. I put it in anything to spicen it up. It burns twice! I put a dime sized drop on a slice of bread and I felt it for an hour.

    Average Taste Heat
  45. jzero

    first off, nosauce2hot is smoking crack. medium?!?!this sauce is HOT. not too hot, mind you, but hot. it has a very nice chile flavor that stays with you for a while. A LOVELY SAUCE!

    Average Taste Heat
  46. Nosauce2hot

    I first had possible side fx when I was three. I didn’t like then, but ten years from then, here I am. I suggest using a teaspoon on tacos. Though the burn is there, Its an enjoyable burn that makes me go insane with CHilehead syndrome.
    An awesome mesquite flavor gives this sauce two thumbs up!

    Average Taste Heat
  47. Krakatoa

    Holy ****! This is one KILLER hot sauce. Should be “Guaranteed Side Effects” instead of “Possible Side Effects.” I threatened the staff of my local musical instrument retailer and got a discount because of this sauce (10% off or try the sauce!). Excellent flavor, a good sudden burst of burn that lasts. I list this as TOO HOT! which is the way I like it, I would recommend using this with caution and extreme moderation unless you are looking to perform a self-apendectomy. Outstanding!

    Average Taste Heat
  48. HUBCAP

    Really Good and Hot Sauce. I can use by itself with care, but would recommend mixing with other less Hot sauces if unaccustomed to REAL Heat.

    Average Taste Heat
  49. Cyko

    This sauce burned my asshole for three days! Get it, you’ll love it!

    Average Taste Heat
  50. Randy

    Pretty damn hot! Even looks wicked in the bottle. Adds a good chile flavor to food. Use sparingly!

    Average Taste Heat
  51. Name not provided
    Average Taste Heat
  52. Randy

    Very, Very hot. Good chile flavor. We have a bottle in the frige at work, and the intensity of the heat seems to have increased with age. Wow!

    Average Taste Heat

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