Blair’s Sudden Death Hot Sauce (with skull)

Blair's Sudden Death Hot Sauce (with skull)

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  1. ewcmxzcr
    Average Taste Heat
  2. ewcmxzcr
    Average Taste Heat
  3. ewcmxzcr
    Average Taste Heat
  4. Jesseno emotions G

    i made mistake of tasting this in my office and almost ruined my career. I have never tasted something so spicy in my life. to be quite frank i dont remember the first 10 minutes after it tried it. the physical sypmtoms were unbearable, long lasting and quite the source of entertainment for my collegaues and humiliation for myself. this was the first time i had to drink milk with chinese food.

    Average Taste Heat
  5. Ray

    Sweet Jeezus!!…good godthis shit is HOT AS HELL!!!…damn fine flavor…Way to go Blair!

    Average Taste Heat
  6. mike harras

    I was definately surprised that behind all that heat there was such a great flavour!

    Average Taste Heat
  7. KingCoon

    yea buddy! i had to sign a legal waiver at the store i bought this stuff at here in town. it’s hot, i’m not gonna lie to ya, it’s hot enough to make ya wanna slap yo momma! we added a pretty good ammount in some deer chili we made, and boy howdy, lemme tell ya, it did the trick! the flavor is excellent, and the heat makes ya wanna shout hallelujah! i experienced no after effects in the lou though…

    Average Taste Heat
  8. Chris

    A really gutsy tasting sauce with a bit of kick to boot!
    Half a teaspoon in a bowl of chilli is a fantastic way to hot’er up.
    The Mega-Death sauce is a lot hotter but the flavour in Sudden Death is better. Build up to drinking it from the bottle and you will tackle anything!

    Average Taste Heat
  9. Steve

    I just received this sauce today and I was pretty excited to try it. I’m a pretty new chile-head so I was expecting something out of this world.

    First I open up the bottle and tip a toothpick in for just a taste test (I was slightly nervous because last year I completely covered a chip in Daves Insanity sauce… that was VERY VERY hot…) I set the toothpick on my tongue and waited. Okay, it got a bit warm, but nothing like I was expecting. I had just had pizza so I put like 4 drops on some cold pizza and tried again… my lips were searin’ pretty good but still not as hot as I was hoping. Don’t get me wrong, this stuff has kick for sure, but nothing too harsh for even a new chile-head. The taste is really good though!

    I just ordered some Widow, hopefully it will have the really big kick i’m lookin’ for.

    Average Taste Heat
  10. Marine

    I am at a friends house, you know BRAGGING! how ther is nothing HOT enough for me….. I was seriously mistaken and him bieng a good friend warned me before I did it.. did I listen? Hell no! there I go dowsing my chili like usual like it was tobasco. and away i went 1 bite and I didnt even finish that bite sweats, rapid heartbeat, feeling like I was gonna die. my wife feared for my life. HELL I feared for my life. but I am a Marine and we have our pride… I continued to put 1 foot in front of the other and continued to march like any Marine about to Die would and finished my chili……I HAVENT BEEN THE SAME SINCE. I will never make the mistake of a meager comparity of BLAIRS SUDDEN DEATH TO tobas…It dont even warrant being mentioned in same sentence with BLAIRS…my hat is off to you my feirce friend….to everyone!WARNING, WARNING, WARNING SEMPER FI’

    Average Taste Heat
  11. chilihead extreme

    I got a bottle of this stuff for Christmas. I am, more or less, an experienced chilihead-I eat orange habaneros in two bites and use extreme sauces. Anyway, besides the point-I tried this stuff, and it is heaven in hell! This stuff is definitely extreme, for sure.(stay away kids!)But the gingseng has a great way of bringing good flavor with the heat. Blair, I salute you!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  12. chilihead extreme

    I got a bottle of this stuff for Christmas. I am, more or less, an experienced chilihead-I eat orange habaneros in two bites and use extreme sauces. Anyway, besides the point-I tried this stuff, and it is heaven in hell! This stuff is definitely extreme, for sure.(stay away kids!)But the gingseng has a great way of bringing good flavor with the heat. Blair, I salute you!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  13. gm

    The sauce is not for beginners!!!USE EXTREME CAUTION

    Average Taste Heat
  14. Caesar

    Sudden Death is great on all fronts. Hot? Yes. Flavorful? Yes. I think this one is hotter than all the other Blair’s sauces ( except the A.M.’s). It’s also a flavor explosion. It has the distinct taste of lime, but it is not overpowering or sweet.

    Love it!

    Average Taste Heat
  15. Lenair

    Blair’s sauces always rock and this one is great for those that like the heat but still expect a sauce to taste good.

    Average Taste Heat
  16. wickedpete

    I would catorgize this along with the many other extract sauces followings in Dave’s path.

    Average Taste Heat
  17. Damn so HOT but HMMMMMMM

    I should have known when I saw the SKULL hanging from the side of the bottle. Sudden Death makes you feel all HOT inside from your HEAD to your TOES. WOW

    Average Taste Heat
  18. Name not provided

    Blairs sudden death is so mild I wouldn’t call it hot I have my own batch that will make all this junk be trun into tobassco sance

    Average Taste Heat
  19. The Wyldman

    I love hot sauce — love it!! and this one rocks! Truly awsome flavor and a solid heat. It is the best in a caesar (4drops in an 8oz glass will give you a good kick in the mouth)also excellent on its own, but it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. I’ve ordered Da’Bomb FA, Blair’s 5am and The Source.

    I’ll let you know if I survive!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  20. Name not provided

    now about this hot sauce. dont forget that this hot sacue won the firey foods challenge (a national hot sauce compation). still this is hella hot

    Average Taste Heat
  21. Name not provided

    After telling her how hot Sudden Death was, my daughter put a dab on her finger for a taste. Her eyes watered and she broke a sweat, but she managed to croak out the words, “That’s HOT!!” She also said that it left a “skidmark of hotness” on her tongue. She’s hooked.

    Average Taste Heat
  22. Logan Carmichael

    This has to be the HOTTEST damned hot sauce I’ve EVER tried! If you are into REALLY hot stuff, Blair’s Sudden Death is for you! If you are of the “I’m kinda’ into hot stuff,” you better have some milk handy! Water just isn’t going to cut it! This is great for anything from Buffalo wings, ribs, puppy training, getting even with you ex-wife, or paint removal from concrete! Try some, why don’t ya!

    Average Taste Heat
  23. Ted

    Man this stuff is good. It’s vicious, powerful and has a kick like a mule, but man, it’s good stuff. I got an assortment of Blair’s stuff, and after trying this I’m dreadfully afaid of the Mega-Death that waits to be opened…..

    Average Taste Heat
  24. Name not provided

    Really hot ,really good and has a great bite.

    Average Taste Heat
  25. Noah

    This stuff is great. I’ve used it to fix weak salsa, weak wings, weak anything that should be hot. It’s good on eggs for that morning kick in the face. A better wake up than coffee any day. It really can be used as a sauce, not just an additive. You’ll be sweating though…

    Average Taste Heat
  26. Noble

    Devine taste, I can’t handle more than about 5-6 drops on my lunch tho.

    It’s one of those sauces that makes your mouth go numb after a while of eating it.

    very nice with any meaty dish.

    Average Taste Heat
  27. Dana Brown

    Sudden Death is absolutely the best all around sauce.I use it on a daily basis on almost eveything.My grits,biscuits,and chicken all get a good 50 cent piece drop.when i really wanna liven things up i pull out the reserves the 3 am

    Average Taste Heat
  28. Rebakah

    Super Hot! Amazing flavor. Took me a few months to finish the bottle. A little goes a long way.

    Average Taste Heat
  29. Jesse

    Its a bit hot, after using it 3-4 times daily you get quite used to it though ^_^

    Average Taste Heat
  30. steve

    I love to eat hot foods, and have had a lot of hot sauce. I basically cover all my food in hot sauce, but this one was unexpected. I picked it up at world market thinking okay well this isn’t gonna be that hot and I honestly bought it because I wanted the skull king chain (ha that’s the honest truth). I went home made some bacon macaroni and cheese, and through a generous amount on it…..I was shocked at the heat that I started to feel in my mouth… I was started to cough, and my eyes began to water. it may have been just because I pretty much smothered that mac in it, or it really is just that hot, but I really enjoyed it! it has a great flavor, and from what I experienced a good amount of heat behind its label.

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