Cajun Power Garlic, Hot Sauce

Cajun Power Garlic, Hot Sauce

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  1. kristine

    a very good seasoning/flavor sauce, but i wouldn’t call it a hot sauce. good in concert w/ a hot sauce, though. i just used some of this & some el yucateco chipotle on some mac & cheese and it was delicious!
    i would use it like worcestershire in recipes.

    Average Taste Heat
  2. a mix between a dog and a small girl, perhaps? A yummy, flavorful sauce that let's you leave the water in the fridge.

    This is one of those lip-smackin drink-straight-from-the bottle all-purpose sauces that looks like a hot sauce. Incredible with seafood; think liquid Old Bay and add garlic. I went thru this bottle quickly on everything because lack of heat = lack of stopping power. Would be nice to try with a heat additive. Similar in taste to Blair’s Original Death sauce, which is a little spicier and smokier. Try figuring out what the creature is on the label

    Average Taste Heat
  3. Name not provided
    Average Taste Heat
  4. Brad

    I tried this sauce at the New Orleans School of Cooking, where they use it quite a bit. Is is extremely flavorful and may be used as a condiment at the table or in cooking. It is quite mild with only slight heat but the flavors are intense, primarily mild garlic (not hot) tomato and spice. It is excellent on chicken, shrimp and even eggs. I highly recommend it!

    Average Taste Heat

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