Da’ Bomb Ground Zero Hot Sauce

Da' Bomb Ground Zero Hot Sauce

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  1. steve

    i brought this to school yesterday and like half the school tried it and whent home sick

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  2. Jeremy

    This is by far the hottest hot sauce i have had. The key to the wonderful flavor is the citrus base rather than the vinegar base a lot of other hot sauces use. I have used this sauce in my chili but only for those occasions where i am the only one eating. My family loves the flavor but the heat is too much!! I will continue to use this sauce as long as it is available. By far the best flavor too!!

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  3. Jordan

    Well I just got this sauce and I fed it to my little sister (like a whole finger full) she just said it was spicy and carried on what she was doing. Then I tryed it and it had hardly any effect these little chillis

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  4. Jared

    We had great amounts of fun at our work by secretly putting it on colleagues cups so that when they take a swig there lip starts to burn and this continues for a good hour or two! On one occasion we noticed a colleage (we’ll call him dickhead) had a liking of putting his pen in his mouth while working, a little smear of Da Bomb and he was crying like a baby, it made it worse when he rubbed his eye afterwards, hours of fun!

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  5. Name not provided

    i tried it on my food and it didn’t burn me at all, not painful, just exactly what i need. from now on, i’m gonna use it on every meal

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  6. KBJ

    I am 43 yrs old and I have been eating hot foods as long as I can remember. I have never found anything that was this hot

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  7. Big Hairy Steve

    Used the ‘ole toothpick method at my friend’s house. My eyes started to tear and my face turned red.

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  8. Name not provided

    I got this sauce as a 6th grade graduation gift and I put it on EVERYTHING- EVERY meal (except cerals and toast)

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  9. dooberheim

    Da Bomb Ground Zero is simply my favorite extreme hot sauce, bar none.

    It has a wonderful flavor. Fruity, darkly sweet and smoky, and then the burn sets in. It is the kind of hot sauce you put on the side of your plate and dip into. Egg dishes really come alive with this stuff, as do wings. I use it with most everything these days (except ice cream, and I’m working on that!!!).


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  10. Todd

    I’ve had worse, but this stuff is pretty painful. I ate a quarter sized drop on a chip the first time I tried it, and I definitely knew it. This stuff will stick to your hands so makes sure you wash them good.

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  11. Name not provided

    i didnt think the hot sauce would be that hot..so my friend brought some to school and i go i’ll eat a spoon full for 2 bucks…totally wasnt worth my mouth was on fire for hours then my stomach killed me for a couple more hours…later that night i had 3 of the worst craps ever it felt like my butt was on fire…

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  12. Todd

    I played it safe and tried just a toothpick touch and damn….it was hot. With just a touch I wasn’t bad off but a teaspoon would destroy me! This sauce is no joke. It really is like putting a hot coal in your mouth. Anyone who has tasted these super hot sauces knows many taste like crap. This one actually tastes good (unlike Dave’s Insanity). I recommend this sauce for the true pepper heads.

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  13. tricky

    its taste is fruity citric bitter burnt, if that helps.

    the heat is something i have never endured before. i love spicy stuff, hot sauces, peppers, salsas etc… but this stuff, legitimately, i don’t know what it could be used for. it’s violent and painful. i know there is a lot of things hotter than this. but after tasting ground zero; that’s it, i’m done. i don’t want to know what is hotter than this.

    we made a mistake of dipping chips into this and found ourselves in severe pain for 20 minutes. after that, it went into the fridge as a novelty. every now and then, we’d pull it out and say,

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  14. David

    My brother brought home a bottle of this stuff one night. I held it and it was dripping from the side of the bottle. I didn’t know what it was and I didn’t read the bottle.OOOOOOPPPPPPSSSSS!!!! I then rubbed my eyes and scratched my nose and it felt like I just lit my face on fire. I started throwing milk on my face and that was maybe one of the worst experiences ever. It’s a shame I only got a little bit in my mouth. It was pretty good except for the burning part! (Lol)

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  15. bang3r

    my girlfriend’s dad had a bottle of Da’Bomb Ground Zero. i’m the hot sauce master, so she said, ‘try this.’ i poured some on a chip, and noticed her face turned to a worried look. after i ate it, i’m sure i turned beet red and started sweating… tried milk, ate bread… i just burned forever, it was great. got a bottle for christmas and took it to our family dinner… passed it around. hilarity ensued. awesome stuff.

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  16. Jared

    Ok, so i just had my first experince with this stuff…and most likely my last. It’s a different kind of heat than with the many other hot sauces i’ve tried. Instead of just a buring mouth, this sauces creates total body pain. It felt like the stuff was burning through my stomach. This pain continued on and off for about an hour. I probably wont be eating anymore of this stuff, not because the mouth-burn is too much but because it makes you feel like total crap for a good hour.

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  17. Joe

    The first time I had Da Bomb, my bartender (with smirk on his face) applied about 3 drops to my bloody mary. It had to be thrown out it was so hot. Today at work, I notice a bottle in our work fridge. After handling it, I used the bathroom without washing my hands first. BAD IDEA!! The pain and redness on my unit is unbareable and not very condusive to getting work done.

    Still love the hot stuff!

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  18. Name not provided

    This stuff is nuts!!!! if u dont have a high tolerence of pain DO NOT!!! try this stuff…I had a cap full and i held it down for 15 minutes then i started to throw up … my mouth was fine but i got all these pains in my stomach i couldnt walk….

    Average Taste Heat
  19. Caesar

    Yes, it’s hot. It is a quick heat that will build if you eat too quickly. The flavor is what really makes this sauce stand out. Very subtle flavor that compliments as opposed to overwhelms a dish.

    Average Taste Heat
  20. Tim

    Instant film of perspiration, all senses on high alert, nice burn, tasty. Please send more. Yum!

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  21. Name not provided

    verry hott all I got to say

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  22. Harleychic

    Having descendants from the islands and own a few habaneros plant/trees … I cannot believe this sauce is made from those peppers! I can eat those things raw. I use this sauce in quite a few dishes and when I do use it, I measure the hot sauce with a wooden skewer. Never use the standard method of measuring when using this product (i:e: tsp., tbs.) … it is that potent! Makes a great gift for enemies!

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  23. r worley

    try iced tea with sweet and low
    to neutralize the hot pepper juice on your hands

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  24. Joe S.

    A group of my friends paid one guy $8 to actually eat a cracker with one TABLESPOON of this stuff on it. He was ok for about three seconds until it kicked in. The expression on his face was so funny. He managed to hold it down for thirty minutes until he got home then it all came up. The next day we got another guy to eat two large spoon fulls of the stuff. He was not able to do anything for hours! He just could not hold anything down. THIS STUFF IS GREAT!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  25. *Cain* :-P????

    this sauce is fantastic, VERY hot, but edible, more or less. Weird, the sensation isn’t like “spicy” hot, it’s more like “cooked” hot, it really feels like you put a glowing charcoal on your tongue. Yummy.

    But, you get used to it, I guess. I got used to it. I get a strange pressure headache when I eat it straight. I like to meditate, sort of like a fakir, under extreme duress. This stuff is cheaper than fakir lessons.

    The taste is good, but, gimme a break, nobody is buying these sauces because they taste so good. They’re fun, and i think they relieve stress. If you smoke, I think they also help clear the tar off your lungs. They might do the same thing to the road, but they’re too expensive to experiment with…

    Buy it, love it.

    Average Taste Heat
  26. Jeremy

    I eat this stuff daily. I put dabs of it on tuna or meatballs mostly. I love it. I’ll rate it as “too hot” but that’s why I love it. I like the pain.

    Average Taste Heat
  27. Jeremy

    I got this in my eye. Now I wear glasses. I bought a second bottle.

    Average Taste Heat
  28. HotHead ?upreeeme

    I just got this in the mail today on 4/17/03, and It is by far the best tasting hot sauce and the most painful hot sauce I have tasted, I have blairs 3 am and blairs sudden death, and this is easily 10xx hotter than both of them, I advise any person who is getting this sauce to >> because it burns and it burns good,I added a teaspoon to 8 quarts of chili, and it melted through my stove!! I rate this on a 1-to-10 scale a 9.5!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  29. Shawn

    Not bad at all! I tried it myself, using the “official method,” where you take a toothpick with some on it and rub it all over your mouth… I love to eat this in the “trial by fire” method, with nothing at all to alleviate the pain, very good stuff! Now I wanna try “The final answer…”

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  30. Kristen

    A teeny tiny taste of this stuff and your mouth is in pain for a long while. My friend took just a dab and said he thought he was gonna puke. He had chest pains, sweats, it was quite entertaining. hee hee :^) A bottle will last you a lifetime. Heed the warning on the bottle…its not BS

    Average Taste Heat
  31. VooDoo Child

    This badboy is a freakin’ BLOWTORCH! FANTASTIC!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  32. Mike

    My first experience was at a BBQ restraunt. I figured hey, no problem…I eat habanero sauce all the time. Holy $hit. This stuff ripped me a new one. And being alergic to milk doesn’t help me much either.

    I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had with this stuff with drunk people. Best $13 I’ve ever spent. Heh heh heh.

    Average Taste Heat
  33. Todd

    This stuff is pretty dang hot. Me and my friends started a hot sauce club called the stoopid club (named after liquid stoopid) one day, me and my friend were in the mall of america, when we found this hot sauce store. Now we use this to weed out the wimps in our club. It tastes good, but if you don’t like hot things. . . stay away

    Average Taste Heat
  34. Scott

    I like my hot sauce “hot”, but this stuff is crazy. Using too much of it (one table spoon) actually gave me chest pains!!!! CAUTION….HOT+++++++

    Average Taste Heat
  35. Nosauce2hot

    Great flavor, good heat, I took half a teaspoon from a sampler…I loved it!!!!!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  36. "a little dab will do you" and that's no joke! Wonderfull stuff to spike up the heat because of the great taste.

    Nuclear Fision in a bottle !!! This sauce is actually one of the, if not the best, tasting of the extreme sauces.

    Unfortunately, that wonderfull taste sensation lasts for only about five seconds, after which you are looking for a tall building to jump from. Hey- better to end it quickly than prolong the agony, right?

    Reminds me of the old Brylcream ads

    Average Taste Heat
  37. Little John

    This stuff is great! I ate a fingerful of it, but I didn’t want any milk or bread. I just tasted sooo good! My friends looked at me like I was some kind of freak. This is by far the best tasting and hottest sauce I have ever tasted. I have no complaints, I just hope that things keep getting hotter.

    Average Taste Heat
  38. PT

    Definitely one of the better tasting of the super-hot sauces. This stuff is REALLY hot, but I’d sacrifice some heat to get the better flavor of something like Dave’s. But if I need it totally burnin’, I’ll still use this stuff.

    Average Taste Heat
  39. Stanbob

    This is by far the hottest stuff on planet earth. I took a little bit at the end of a spoon and was in excrutiating pain for about 20 min. I even drank about a half gallon of milk, but nothing seemed to nuetralize the pain. I would recommend this to anyone who thinks that there is a hot sauce out there that they can’t take

    Average Taste Heat
  40. The Son of Kyuss

    This is probably the best combination of intense heat and great flavor on the hot sauce market. I’ve used Blair’s, Dave’s, and others, but this stuff knocks the rest out.

    Average Taste Heat
  41. MARC


    Average Taste Heat
  42. Name not provided

    First time I tried it, my mouth lit up and was in excruciating pain for about 5 minutes.
    Now that I’ve adjusted to it I can’t get enough. It goes in almost everything I eat. Only side effect I’ve had so far is when I added way too much to some elk I cooked up. The heat in the mouth was fine, but I got extremely cold for about an hour, I was shivering. Wonderful hot sauce, on to Da’ Bomb, Final Answer.

    Average Taste Heat
  43. PhoS

    This stuff is pretty insane , I tried a little bit on the end of a fork and I was steamin for 1/2 an hour :O Gave the same ammount to a friend and he was doubled over on the floor… :)

    Good Stuff

    Average Taste Heat
  44. Lance

    Now this is a hot sauce! Intense Heat, cool looking bottle, and a descent taste for an ultimate hot sauce. I think the all natural thing is pretty wicked also.

    Average Taste Heat
  45. Buck

    This is about as hot as I can stand. I was at a church chili supper and one of the cooks brought a bottle of this, though he had never tried it. I put maybe a teaspoon in a bowl, which was way too much. In over 30 years of eating hot sauces I have never encountered anything like this. Of course I immediately broke into a sweat, which is not that unusual, but also began to shake, got an intense burn in my belly, and my ears rang. Afterwords I went to a mirror, I was sure my gums were bleeding, but they were not. It was close to an hour before my system settled back down.

    Average Taste Heat
  46. Myke

    methinks this stuff is pretty good. its rather hot, and makes me afraid to eat any more than what i do now (about half a toothpick covered.) Perhaps if i added it to something else, it would make it possible to eat more… VERY FARKING GOOD!
    eat it.

    Average Taste Heat
  47. Lie

    I was at a camp site for a get together with some friends. Once I got there someone was cooking and told me to try some “home made” hot sauce. Of course this was a prank. I should of known once everyone stopped what they were doing to see my reaction. I took a finger dab off the cap and was fine after the first few seconds. Then I started to sweat and my mouth was being torched by this stuff. Someone suggested ice water but I knew that would only make it worse. I fought off the burn for about 20 minutes until it started to mellow out. I handled it better than everyone else there apparently. But that is the hottest stuff I have ever had. I’d recommend it to anyone who has a death wish.

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