Dave’s Insanity Hot Sauce (The Original)

Dave's Insanity Hot Sauce (The Original)

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  1. Name not provided

    DO NOT SNORT BOTTLE! Only intended for consumption by mouth.

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  2. Elizabeth

    My boyfriend’s family loves food so spicy that you have to choke down water. According to them Insanity has an almost vinegary flavor, but it’s the only sauce I have ever seen that made grown men run for the sink. I want to get a couple for them for christmas.

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  3. MeatMop

    I once got really stoned. I took a quarter size piece of Dave’s sauce and put it on a dogs nuts. The thing ran around a bit. Until it licked itself. Was not a happy camper! Yelped a bit….

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  4. Jose Antonio Garcia

    I was thinking that this sauce was going to be really impossible to eat, something special according to some reviews I have found in the internet but, it was not that hot or at least not to me, I would say I get as much hotness in some of my mothers food and definitely a lot more taste, I tried by it self put some in my hand and liked and the taste is not very good, I also put some to one slide of pizza in which I put about one spoon of this sauce and I also added more peppers it was hot but after 5 minutes the hotness disappear, I think I would buy one because I can used it just for the heat level and mixed with other sauce to give it a better taste.
    Overall in my opinion Dave’s insanity is a good sauce not so much for the taste but it has a high heat level, if you like hot stuff try it is not as hot as people say it is you would be alright.

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  5. palavos3

    This sauce is hot sure, bot I’ve had hotter. Definetely much hotter than Tobasco Habanero(my favorite), but not as hot as some other things I’ve had like slap heard around the world and definetely not as hot as da bomb ground zero(so hot I fell to the floor). However still be careful as too much can make you ache a little bit. Enjoy guys.

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  6. Kyle

    My Dad and I decided to visit one of our favorite local Mexican restaurants that we hadn’t been to in a while. It’s a very small place, but has always had some of the best food I’ve had anywhere.Now this place has always had fairly hot (and exceptionally flavorful), but… for some reason that I cannot comprehend… my Dad asked for hotter.

    The waitress looked confused and went back to the chef; I heard him say something like ….

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  7. Troy

    i had a friend bet me $20 that i couldn’t take 5 drops directly on my tongue for 5 minutes without any liquids. this stuff was really hot, but fortunately my family history seasoned me for this type of heat and i was $20 richer, but boy was my face red and my eyes were watering

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  8. Big Fan Of Insanity

    It always amuses me to read people say things like

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  9. johnny b

    at last a sauce worthy of eating. great tasting and hot enough to stop the bys from stealing it. i love it.

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  10. David

    Well good folks, this story is absolutely true. We were talking about Dave’s insanity one day and one young college blockhead decided that he could handle it. We dared him to take a full shot glass(on an empty stomach). We tried to recant and not have him do it, but he wouldn’t out. He took it and provided us with great concern and loads of vomiting laughter. He actually broke out in hives which lasted three full days. He wouldn’t stop vomiting, man we got scared. Not all bodies have the same tolerance so please take at your own risk.

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  11. Name not provided

    this stuff is stupid hot I would not recommend rubbing it into head wounds or your nob

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  12. Brent

    I have to say, the hottest hot sauce i have ever had!!
    I use to have a problem with eating my roomates left overs from the fridge until one day last year!! I had come home from work and noticed how good that left over pizza looked. I took two pieces, heated in the microwave and added tabasco as i always do!
    Needless to say after the first bite I was looking for any type of liquid to drink, which was followed by a trip to the bathroom for about an hour or so! Thinking that there must have been some sort of reaction between the tabasco and pineapples on the pizza, I thought i would have another piece. Well, same damm thing happened again!! Few hours later my roomate gets home with a stupid little smurk on his face. Turns out he drenched that pizza with Dave’s Insanity.
    I will never eat anyones food from the fridge again!!!

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  13. Adrienne

    It’s very hot. Be careful how much you use — a drop or two too many can make your food uneatable (I speak from experience on this one). Great to use if you’re trying to teach yourself to eat slower, as the pain will make you pause in between bites.

    Only buy it if you want pure heat. The taste is bitter and unappetizing, sadly.

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  14. posted by I'm dyiiing D:

    I was in history today, right after lunch.
    A boy had a bottle of this stuff and had been letting people try it with their lunch, and everyone who tried it said it was the hottest sauce they had ever tasted.

    I was like…

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  15. Outpatient

    This stuff is definitely hot… but to be honest I expected hotter. Guess I’ll have to keep looking for that perfect sauce (something that’s hot enough to bring tears to my eyes but still taste awesome.) This stuff hasn’t even made my eyes tear up. Flavor is initially good but it has a strange aftertaste that is hard to describe. But thats also the time the heat kicks in so it’ll take your mind off the aftertaste. Overall, good stuff.

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  16. Kurt

    Was at a hotel bar with another guy who claimed to be able to eat a lot of hot stuff. Since we were drinking (too much) we were challenging each other by drinking Tabasco sauce, a couple of tablespoons at a time. The bartender says

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  17. Joe

    I thought I could take any heat. Matouks is hot. This truly is insane. When I first tried it I put about a half tea spoon in my chili. It knocked me into another realm. It took awhile before I’d try it again. The next time was better, a couple

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  18. turned it blazing hot. It's crazy. It's too crazy to be peppers

    1/8 teaspoon in a huge pot of chili

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  19. Phazorite

    Finally, after 3 years, I return, a grown college man, to try this volcanic liquor from the 9th circle of hell. I shake it up, twist off the cap, and dab about a drop, including the smear from the neck of the bottle, and dip some garlic bread in it…

    First impression: Pretty warm, kinda burns in a different way from the habanero sauces I’m used to. Kinda tastes like dirt though, but hey, you don’t buy this for the taste, do you?

    After about 3 drops on my whole meal, my mouth burned for a good 5 minutes, my eyes teared a little and my nose began to run. Thank god for endorphins–Dave makes some hardcore shit!

    Still, I don’t think it’s the

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  20. sally, philadelphia

    true story—i put one or two drops in a large kettle of chili and we love hot stuff–but it was rendered virtually inedible! i added more meat, more beans, more tomatoes, added some diced potatoes, a can of corn!!! it was unbelievable!!! nothing took that heat away man! i am very very careful with this HOT SAUCE now.

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  21. KJC

    Its may be crazy stuff but great. I use lot of in my cooking. In collage I was playing truth or dare. I pick dare They had me to eat 5 drops on a chip. I use Dave’s Insanity Hot Sauce scents that time.

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  22. Angelica

    My boyfriend and his brother got me to try this stuff……I loved it!!

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  23. adam

    I don’t know how you consider this all natural,it’s an extract based hot sauce.As far as I’m concerned all natural means ALL NATURAL.It’s like a person on steroids,not fair to the truly natural guys.

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  24. zimmo

    One third of a teaspoon in half liter of tomato sauce gives it decent kick. Very good and dangerous substance.

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  25. Mike

    I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!!!!!

    just a heads up, I had a friend who took a 3 Table spoon maybe more of this stuff all at once, He threw up everywhere,his face tured so red and things started forming like blisters or somthing,
    he said the stuff was buring the inside of his stomach. He had to go to the ER to get his stomach pumped

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  26. Ace

    I like hot foods and have a WAY above average tolerance for them, but let me tell you this stuff is so incredibly unbelievably hot, you dont need anything else. I can drink Frank’s

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  27. my favorite is 3-5 drops per bowl of homemade chicken noodle

    What planet are folks who decry the taste of this sauce as awful or nonexistent from anyway?

    It’s not for use by itself to be sure, but added in drops to soups

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  28. KV

    OH MY GOD! I tied this stuff in french class and it hurt everytime i took a breath, i drank like 6 cups of milk, and im prety sure i failed an english test b/c of it

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  29. Name not provided

    Plenty of heat, but bitter and unpleasant taste.

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  30. Mike

    One spoon full of this stuff made me scream so loud that it permantly made my balls retract up into my pelvis

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  31. Lone Vulcan

    I found out my wife has no taste buds in her mouth. She will put this stuff on everything like ketchup…. shes my hero

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  32. Knobby

    Tried this stuff once at a food show, tried it on a small bit of French bread, tasted fine and then all hell broke loose, the stall holder started to get concerned as i got such an endorphin rush that i thought i was going to pass out, spent the next 10 minutes staggering around as though i had been on the beer all night.

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  33. Josh

    i filled half of one of those tosito scoops chips with one of these and all that happened was my eyes watered and i had a stomach ache and handleable burning sensation. but my friend took about the same and started throwing up sooo…. iunno

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  34. Ben

    This sauce is hot, yeah…but this tastes like crap. If all you want is heat and seriously don’t care about the taste then go for it! If you like a sauce with a decent taste avoid this crap and try something else.

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  35. Andrew Montoya Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Just recieved my Dave’s, and I was a little scared. Put about 5 drops worth on a chicken finger, and chewed away. Not that bad? Shook it up and continued eating. Hot, but still not that bad. Started putting dime sized dollups on and thats when it got me. I didn’t take one sip of any liquid and found the heat hot but definately tolerable. Taste was delicious. Can’t wait to make some

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  36. Anonymous

    A friend of my brother’s got me with this. I have a reputation for liking things hot. He called me over to his house to try it. Not being afraid of any hot sauce I turned the bottle over covered with my palm and left a dime size circle of sauce and then licked it off. There really isn’t much flavor. A bitter vinegary taste before the heat starts in. It soon spread and engulfed my mouth in heat. It gave me the hiccups, something no spicy food had ever done before. After letting it build I said,

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  37. Name not provided


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  38. James

    After two girls made me look like a wuss for a little while.. I finally gave in and licked about half a teaspoon of this stuff off a cracker.. I held my own and did not drink anything for about 10 minutes.. but inside I was hurting.

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  39. jose valentin

    Great sauce, one drop can add heat to a whole soup or anything else. The taste basically disappears in this small of an amount, but if there is enough sauce to taste it, there will be hell in your mouth.

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  40. also for friendships!

    My former neighbor liked to cook spicy stuff, and when I met her the first time she only had Tabasco to cook with.

    Dave’s can be dangerous

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  41. Kenny

    Somebody in this thread said…

    -Well, I’m back… tried insanity again. It is hot enough to burn my throat and tongue after being able to eat a habanero whole. How is that possible? I thought a habanero was 100k+ scoville, and this stuff is 80k.-

    I think the above is due to the concentration and amount of the hot chemical is in your mouth. Like, put a habanero into the mouth may have a certain amount of hot chemical (concentration and quantity). But putting a drop of the sauce inside the mouth might be upping the concentration and quantity. Like a habanero is like pricking your hand one time with 1 pin. While a drop of sauce could be like pricking your hand 100 times with 100 pins.

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  42. inla bomber

    Dave’s Insanity Sauce is the only sauce for me

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  43. Mike

    I’m with

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  44. which has

    I’ve been to a hot sauce tasting today. We’ve start with mild stuff to come at second to the end with Dave’s Insanity sauce. It’s hot for sure, but… The Final one was Da Bomb

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  45. Frank Adam

    I don’t know how you can call this an All Natural sauce,it’s an extract sauce.I’ve tasted it and it doesn’t taste natural.It is bitter(from the extract)and very hot(of course).In my opinion this doesn’t belong in the catagory of an All Natural sauce.I’ll stick to the REAL Natural Hot sauces out there,they taste much better.

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  46. Mikee Mike

    Dave’s was the beginning for me as it was with many of you others. Now I am a full fleged hot head. Da Bomb Beyond Insanity, and Blair’s Mega Death are also part of my collection.

    Next Is Mad Dog 357 and the 2A.M., 3A.M., and Le Million Reserves by Blair as Well.

    Happy Heating Ladies And Gents

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  47. Kevin from Strong Vincent HS

    We bet my friend $75 dollers he couldnt drink a bottle of this hot sauce… he drank a bottle of tobasco sauce and thought he was the man and this would be easy… he mixed it with water to smoothen it out a little… he drank it felt fine for about 15 seconds and ran to the bathroom (this was all during school) he just dunked his head into the sink and ran the water over him.. he said if he had a gun he would have shot himself thats how he felt… the nurse had to be called in and gave him stuff to coat his stomach…he felt like he was in hell… DO NOT REPEAT this action…it was an extreamly stupid stunt and he said he would never do that again

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  48. charles smith

    being a lover of hot, hot food and always looking hard for a sauce i found it in Daves Insanity it comes every pore;

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  49. Mike

    My introduction to Dave’s Insanity was a bit of a accident. I’ve always liked hot sauce and thought Korean Red Dragon peppers were the hottest food to experience. I was at the Chew-Chew Fest in Burlington this summer. There was a booth with Cajun food. I bought some Cajun pork on a stick and it was good, but wasn’t hot enough for me. I asked the chef if they had any hot sauce. He pointed to a huge buffet of sauces. I asked him which was the hottest. He pointed to the Dave’s Insanity. At this point I had a few cocktails and was feeling a bit daring (foolish). I poured the sauce on the pork like ketchup and took a big bite. It was most exhilerating. The effect took 20 minutes and 2 frozen custards to extinguish. Suprisingly, there were no after effects at all. Well, now that I lived to tell the story, I fear no hot sauce! Dave’s certainly is hot, the hottest I’ve ever had, but if you like hot I highly recommend fresh (not dried) Korean Red Dragon peppers eaten sliced in your chili, with tacos, etc. Cheers!

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  50. jv

    i knew this was hot before i tried it, but wow was i suprised. 1 drop makes a bowl of anything extremely. Much hotter the Da Bomb beyond insanity.

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  51. Brad Fields

    I have a uncle that cant tast and he said that there is nothing to hot for him, so i said i got something for you. He got a peice of chicken and just dauced it with daves insanity 51000 scoville unit sauce and we thaught we where going to have to take him to the hospital.

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  52. Sam

    Great hot sauce. Good to add to things that you don’t want to taste like vinegar. Very tomatoey flavor, which isn’t what you’d expect if you eat it alone, which is why some people probably think it tastes bad. However, it won’t corrupt your food with vinegar tastes.

    I just got done sitting around with a friend eating little droplets of it on bread. It hurt amazingly good. About as hot as I can imagine a regularly useful sauce to be. Anything above this is cool, but not something you could just use in a recipe without careful planning and some sort of protective biohazard gear.

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  53. FlameWizard

    Once, when I was a young chilihead, young, innocent, and completely stupid, I bought a bottle of Dave’s Insanity. I completely slathered the sauce on a taco, took a bite, then ran screaming from the table. A couple years later, I learned how to control it, and now I love the stuff! Great flavor, with intense heat! Dave rocks!

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  54. Wedge Watson

    I can’t say much about the flavor of this one as it is buried in the heat so I’ll just check off good in the taste category
    Turned my face red and made me perspire profusely. This one will clear out your sinuses. The exit (the day after was memorable)
    I can’t imagine anything being hotter than this!

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  55. Stefan Zbrozek

    Being a fan of HOT food, and growing Chillis myself, I thought Insanity Sauce wasn’t going to be as hot as they all said it was.
    This sauce is ‘mind blowing’ has a great smokey flavour before the heat hits you. I’ve been having a small drop in BBQ’d hamburgers, wow is this hot.!!!!! Gives you big big ‘chilli’ buzz. I offered it to some friends, who wanted to try it, one of them had an astmha attack.


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  56. Darryl Baysinger

    I got a sub sandwich at the Firehouse in Pensacola, FL . They have many different hot sauces to put on sandwiches there. I picked Dave’s Insanity sauce as I had never tried it. I put a little on my sub. A little too much! I was sweating away and I got liteheaded. First time with an extract sauce!

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  57. Jon

    Daves hot sause is definitely some of that fire! but its taste aint shit, i try alot of different sauces… i like looking for good taste… such as toxic waste, blairs sudden death… and so on.. but daves doesnt have much in the way of taste… good stuff though

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  58. just the heat!

    Wow! After finding out how really hot this stuff really is, I ended up talking with my son and a few of his friends about it. They thought they were real tough with hot stuff. So I offered each one a toothpick dipped in it, and then wiped down a bit. Nothing could have made me happier to see this bunch of guys rolling around and saying I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I still have about a half bottle left, and I bought this about 3 years ago! As for taste, you don’t but hot stuff for taste

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  59. Arch0wl

    To the people that haven’t tried this, I’d say it’s about as hot as a Habanero pepper, maybe a little less, and you can usually get those at your local supermarket. It’s DAMN HOT, but not near as hot as some of the people have described it as. I mean yeah if you had 3 or more drops of it, but a toothpick of it isn’t enough to set your mouth off. The taste is crap, sorry. It tastes like a much spicier chili powder. For cooking or sauces I’d advise you to use about 1 or 2 drops in small bowls and 3 or 4 in average sized cereal bowls, to give you a good idea of how much to use.

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  60. the founding father of the extracts

    I don’t consider myself a champion fire-eater. So it was with some trepidation that I bought a bottle of Dave’s Insanity

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  61. Crazed Arab

    I got two bottles of this stuff because no hot sauce in stores could challenge me…At the time. I put a drop on a stick of beef and I am just on the floor twitching. I’ve had it for about six months and still have 7/8 of the bottle full. Very good stuff, definitly a gateway hotsauce. If you like it, you will get use it to it over time and move on to the over 1,000,000 unit sauces. Good to try if you want to get into the world of hot sauce hell.

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  62. Mark from Dallas

    Growing up in the South, I have had my fair share of spicy food- Mexican as a youth and Thai and Indian as an adult.

    I purchased a bottle of Insanity about 3 years ago, and its still 3/4 full. I use this to add a punch to already spicy foods that aren’t spicy enough. I must say however- do not f*** with this stuff. I’ve ruined full plates of food by adding too much.

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  63. Derrick again...

    Well, I’m back… tried insanity again. It is hot enough to burn my throat and tongue after being able to eat a habanero whole. How is that possible? I thought a habanero was 100k+ scoville, and this stuff is 80k.

    Anyway, now that I can taste the taste, it is NASTY, and will make anything you eat NASTIER! It kind of tastes like dirt or a moldy stick, but still packs a wallop…

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  64. dave

    this stuff is stupid hot. i went golfing a while back and after the round went into the clubhouse for a beer and wings. we told the cook to give us the hottest wings that he could. when he brought them out we each took one bite and that was it. other people at the bar thought we were wimps for not eating them so we made a little challenge for them. if they could eat two we would each buy him a beer, if he couldnt he would buy us a beer. needless to say me and my buddy drank free all night.

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  65. RiFRaF

    Dave’s Insanity Hot Sauce: I tried Dave’s when I bought my favorite hot sauce (Pure Cap) ran out. I didn’t like the taste compared to Pure Cap, but it was ok. Hot yes, but not my fav.. Your Opinion May Vary..

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  66. Road_Slug

    Dave’s Insanity Hot Sauce: I was turned on to Dave’s by my father in law. His friend splashed his whole burrito with this stuff then used his finger to spread it around, licked his finger then tossed the burrito in the trash can.
    He gave me some of this and love it. I used it also to stop my son from sucking his thumb when he was 2 when that off the shelf store stuff failed. Did not even phase him with store stuff. Dave’s worked like a champ. 1 drop on his thumb then wipe it off. He broke his teeth wrecking habit in one night.

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  67. After eating spicy food for 3 weeks trying to beef up my tolerance for pain, I bought some of this stuff and came online to check it out. Just read 100 or so of these reviews, and couldn't wait to try my new sauce. I shook it up well, pulled the little pl

    Dave’s Insanity Hot Sauce: Dave’s Insanity unleaded

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  68. my favorites. then saw this stuff ay krogers. bought 2 bottles .. and tried it right away, just tipping the bottle with my finger on the top. (after shaking of course, shaking to mix it up is critical for getting to the heat. it falls to the bottom .. its

    Dave’s Insanity Hot Sauce: Well Ive always wanted to try this stuff.. i have a considerable tollerance for heat, can easily take a teaspoon of el youcateco red green and mayan XXXhot

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  69. Herb Smith

    I just started getting into cayenne pepper and hot sauces because it’s good for you and it taste great. There are a lot of reviews that say Dave’s Insnity tastes bad, but I don’t feel hot sauces are meant to be eaten by themselves. This sauces is awesome because regardless of what I put it on, it didn’t change the flavor of the dish. It just added pure heat. I had heard so much about this sauce, so I started with just a few drops. Now I am up to about 6 or 7 drops per plate of food, or bowl of soup. It is an amazing sensation that goes through your entire mouth. Lots of heat, lots of sweating, and it burns coming in and going out. (If you know what I mean.)

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  70. its great. If youre looking for flavor, then find something else. Good price, still worth the money.

    I believe this is the original sauce that went beyond hot. I think at the time it wasnt made with good ingredients. I like the other dave sauces much better, although this one has plenty of kick. If you want lots of heat

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  71. Lenair

    This is the old standby in my house. We use it for cooking mostly as the taste is kinda bitter.

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  72. Road Slug

    Dave’s Insanity Hot Sauce: I was turned on to Dave’s by my father in law. His friend splashed his whole burrito with this stuff then used his finger to spread it around, licked his finger then tossed the burrito in the trash can.
    He gave me some of this and love it. I used it also to stop my son from sucking his thumb when he was 2 when that off the shelf store stuff failed. Did not even phase him with store stuff. Dave’s worked like a champ. 1 drop on his thumb then wipe it off. He broke his teeth wrecking habit in one night.

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  73. CaffiendDave

    Wonderfully hot! It’s fun to see the macho dudes pucker up and run for the water. Of course, its no use. Just let it have its way. Great in chili, in moderation.

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  74. lee


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  75. Bill

    NASTY, tastless, garbage.

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  76. Mattie B.

    Holy shit!!!! One drop on my tongue burned like volcanic lava for about 15 agonizing minutes!!! Much hotter than any others I’ve tried(Possible Side Effects, Liquid Stupid, Pain Is Good, etc). I can’t imagine using this stuff undiluted but it would probably liven up a pot of chili in the winter real good!! This sauce has made me its bitch!!

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  77. n?zqh

    I did a teaspoon of this stuff by it’s self….VERY HOT
    Never do it again, unless there is money involved. Tasteless also.

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  78. but be prepared for your chilehead inaguration. You'll never look at Tabasco the same.

    Definitively one of the few yardsticks in the hot sauce cosmos. Taste Dave’s Original Insanity and you’ll be singing its praises

    Average Taste Heat
  79. Dom

    Hottest sauce ive ever tasted!! I first tasted it about a year ago, and purchased a bottle a few weeks ago. I use it in chili dishes and for fun at parties. It’ll bring most people to tears.

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  80. John

    Tastes like sh!t. Hot as Hell! Not the hottest, but when you combine the heat level with the nasty taste it’s one to scare your friends away from hot sauce with.

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  81. he put a quarter-size gob on a chip and turned as red as the devil himself (and he eats Habaneros right off the plant). I have now worked up to the point where I put a teaspoon in a Bloody Mary and it wakes up the flavor nicely (of both the sauce and the

    The first time I tried Dave’s Insanity Sauce was one drop on a chip. It got my attention but I couldn’t detect any flavor. The burn really didn’t last long at all either. I let my brother try it

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  82. Fatt

    One bottle is a lifetime supply.
    I keep my bottle wrapped in paper towels and use another paper towel to remove the cap. Why?
    Because even touching the bottle seems to contaminate my fingers with a residue that can make simple things like touching my eyes or peeing an experience in terror.

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  83. M.F

    Dave’s Insanity Hot Sauce: I am use to tabasco but now when i have tasted daves it?s like tomatojuice. Daves is realy the badest thing in my kitchen.

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  84. Name not provided

    Dave’s Insanity Hot Sauce: Went to a bbq and my friend’s wife made a bean dip and put some of this stuff in in. I had a chip with some dip on it and instantly had to down the rest of my beer!!! ( not much help ). I then talked someone else into trying it. They ate half their chip, dropped the rest on the ground while running for a drink, and their dog quickly gulped down what was dropped!!!. Funniest thing I ever saw in my life!!! dog went into convulsions hacking and coughing. It probably won’t eat anything dropped on the ground again. Great stuff!!!!

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  85. lord of heat

    Simply the best. Good taste and scorching heat. A little goes a long way. A drop or 2 for a batch of tomato sauce adds a nice kick.

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  86. HOT ASS!!!

    i was at my camp and a few people were having it and i figured it was nothing so i made a bet that i could down the bottle in 20 mins and i did and WOW!!! this stuff is awesome it isa the best ever although it hurts coming out its worth the pain lol.

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  87. Mike Keehn

    Hotter than normal, weighing in at 300,000 Scoville units, Dave’s Sauce blends high heat with great flavor. Dave’s is a reddish brown color with a barbeque like consistency and taste that it backs up with a hefty but not overpowering capsaicin punch. Use in foods is great, allowing spicing beyond that capable by normal hot sauces for spicy dishes such as extra hot wings. Use on foods is possible 1 or 2 drops adds a medium to hot amount of heat to a single serving while more is quite available for the hotheads. All in all I like Dave’s for its exquisite balance of taste and heat. Remember 300,000 Scoville’s, dangerous, painful in sensitive areas, be careful.

    Average Taste Heat
  88. Poisened!

    OK, so I didn’t know how INSANE this insanity sauce was… untill I tried a “couple of teaspoons” in my make-your-own bloody mary experience. Poisened, for the next several hours! Ouch!

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  89. Name not provided


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  91. Ginger

    Absolutely great. This is what the Iraqi information minister meant by “We will burn there stomachs in hell” He was going to rub some Insanity sauce on there stomachs!

    Average Taste Heat
  92. Name not provided
    Average Taste Heat
  93. Name not provided


    Average Taste Heat
  94. Dirty

    Nice and Toasty Warm, with a decent Hab flavor. Your ass too, will enjoy the flames from Dave.

    Average Taste Heat
  95. HOTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

    it has a bitter burning taste to it. i can only handle about 3 drops in chili

    Average Taste Heat
  96. Jay

    Want to try it??? You must be
    INSANE…!! Never tasted anything
    hotter than this before and I
    used to think that my tolerence
    levels for hot stuff was a lot.
    Good luck to you!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  97. especially chili. I use it omelettes, chili dogs (yum!), spaghetti sauces, stews, and anything Tex Mex.

    So far, it's my favorite. I've tried many, but this is the one I keep coming back to again and again....and again.

    This one’s plenty hot. Only a true chilehead would want something hotter than this. (I know, there’s plenty of us out there, believe it or not)

    If you’re new to the experience, I recommend you use it very sparingly at first…a little goes a long way — this will efficiently add the heat you’re looking for.

    A drop or two of Dave’s Gourmet Insanity Sauce packs more punch than an entire bottle most other sauces will — Daves’ blends in well and adds the heat you crave without adding the overwhelming salt and vinegar taste (like most other hot sauces) to your food.

    I recommend it highly to heat up Tex Mex dishes

    Average Taste Heat
  98. Valery

    This hot sauce is the hottest I’ve ever tasted! It can shine any penny!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  99. Name not provided

    Holy Monkey! This is the hottest stuff. I had a few drops of this stuff and my face was on fire for 15 minutes. Good for people who tell you they can stand hot stuff or for pranks.

    Average Taste Heat
  100. Dennis the Cabbie

    I sent a package to a distant relative in the USMC fighting in Iraq. Dave’s was among the many food items contained within. Along with the Dave’s was a note to find the biggest blowhard who bragged about eating the hottest foods. Give him a spoon full. I added that the dance he’ll do will be worth a million bucks! Ain’t I a stinker? :)

    Average Taste Heat
  101. Dennis the Cabbie

    Woo Hoo! This is the best heat additive I’ve ever had! If you add it to other sauces it’ll add heat without ruining the flavor. I use it all the time in pasta sauces. This belongs in every kitchen (right next to the Cholula)

    Average Taste Heat
  102. bob

    it so hot and spicy

    Average Taste Heat
  103. bob

    it so hot and spicy

    Average Taste Heat
  104. Sweaty Jeff

    This is a very hot suace.As I am sitting here reading these reviews the sweat is beading on my forehead just thinking about having some. Great stuff!!

    Average Taste Heat
  105. Phat Pat

    I just tried dave’s ultimate insanity and i thought thios stuff was suposed to be hot i took it to school and had other people try it they went crazy, they cried, and they fell to the ground screaming they cant brethe that was funny.

    Average Taste Heat
  106. Ares

    This stuff makes the word pain sound like childs play. Back in HS, my teacher had this. I tried it. Was looking for the gun. Rememberd that I did not have one. Found a bible. Finally have enough money saved from being a college student to buy more. Bring on death.

    Average Taste Heat
  107. Matthew

    This sauce is truly dangerous. After using it sporadically for months, I put one drop in a pot of mac and cheese; one small bite and I could barely breathe for fifteen seconds. I threw out the rest of the bottle; I would have rinsed it out but the fumes were too strong. Dinner shouldn’t be that harrowing.

    Average Taste Heat
  108. James Mallik

    Just two drops of Dave’s in a vat o bean made my roommate Al run to the sink thinking we done put razor blades in his food to try and kill him. (true story). Al doesn’t trust me anymore thanks to Dave’s.

    Average Taste Heat
  109. Name not provided


    Average Taste Heat
  110. T. Mcgrady


    Average Taste Heat
  111. Frank

    Ok the first time I tried it I had never tasted anything this hot, but then after you’ve had it for a while your body can take it. I’m pretty much used to it now. if you want it hotter put in the refrigerator.

    Average Taste Heat
  112. Dennis Corpus and Isaac Hu

    great stuff. we bring daves insanity suce with us where ever we go. especially to senior billy’s, where grandma makes the best carne asada burittos around. love the sweat, live for the sweat. we can’t to try dave’s ultimate insanity sauce, then the reserve. after that, it’s on to the blairs 10,000,000 to 13,000,000 sv challenge.

    Average Taste Heat
  113. isaac hu

    Hawaii boyz can handle. this sauce is hot but very doable.
    we expected to be be totally blown away but was pleasently surprised.we are looking forward to going up to the ulitmate. The boys at solid rock ministries are moving up to the 10,000,000 scoville challenge. bring on the heat.

    Average Taste Heat
  114. James

    Great stuff. Does anyone know where you can get it in the UK. Got some dumb friends who believe they can neck the lot. Ha HA!

    Average Taste Heat
  115. Randy

    the first time i tried daves insanity sauce was at a bar my cousin worked at. I was reading the bottle, then he took a toothpick dipped the tip of it in the sauce and stuck the toothpick into a hotdog, That gave a new meaning to the word hotdog. Then I went to the bathroom and peed , 5 minutes later I was back in the bathroom washing the fire out of my pants ( if you know what I mean). Now I just keep a bottle to watch big shots who think they can handle hot stuff cry when they try it. and those who say it isn’t hot are liars, do not give it to cats it sends them into convultions, also i found if you mix half a bottle of the sauce with water and put it in a spray bottle it makes a excellent pepper spray it really works, do not spray in someones face, just spray in the air and watch them gasp and caugh for air. wicked shitI labled the taste as awful cuz there was no taste. just turn the flame on, on your stove and take a bite thats what this sauce is like.

    Average Taste Heat
  116. Gary

    I’ve tasted other sauces that are nearly this hot but taste much better. This really has no taste other than hot.

    Average Taste Heat
  117. Mr. Big

    This sauce is the bomb digity. I tried it years ago and couldnt find it untill recently. I suggest anyone try it but be cautious it is everybit as hot as they say it is


    Average Taste Heat
  118. Monte (the maniac)

    This is still an old favorite. It was my first experience with a true hot sauce and back then I thought it was the hottest thing around…actually it probably was the hottest thing around in those days. I don’t use it in drops any more, now I just pour it on. It’s got a great flavor and plenty of heat when used straight. I also still use it mixed with other sauces but it takes spoon fulls and not just drops to add enough heat. The Final Answer is my favorite but I still really enjoy Dave’s Insanity.

    Average Taste Heat
  119. Sam

    I’ve had all kinds of seriously hot, hot sauces, while this is up there on the hot scale it lacks taste. It’s good for jokes and pranks, but not to put on your food while you eat.

    Average Taste Heat
  120. Jeff

    No taste. Just burn. Great for pranks. I injected some into doughnut holes once and handed them out. Hilarious.

    Average Taste Heat
  121. larry helke

    this is hot it burnt my colon.
    my colon ran away from my ass and crashed in to the back of my toilet bowl and made a big sizzling noise ..its hot .very hot..so hot that jesus found a new satan ..its a poop scooting boggie..taste is good though..burn is bad.

    Average Taste Heat
  122. Erik

    Fuck this sauce

    Average Taste Heat
  123. Roy Wilson

    Love this stuff. The bigger the river of sweat running down my face the better I like it. Dave’s has been “The” Hot sauce for me for nearly 5 years now.

    Average Taste Heat
  124. DW

    Tried a spoonful and it was hot, but not too bad? You’re either insane or a liar.

    Average Taste Heat
  125. Jeff

    Tried a spoonful. Hot, but not too bad. The only thing I found that is hotter is “The Man” from Dixie’s BBQ in Seattle.

    Average Taste Heat
  126. mary

    not too bad when mixed with cream cheese.

    Average Taste Heat
  127. my name IS Dave, and I'm considered insane by some) After a few deadly tastings, its been sitting in my refrigerator for two years.

    It's always handy to offer to visitors who claim they have a high tolerance for heat. Give 'em a dab and watch their

    I was given a bottle as a gift. (yeah

    Average Taste Heat
  128. WHOA!!

    Somone at work mentioned how hot this stuff is and like a toughguy, I said “bring it on, I’ll try it.” I took a good heaping of it on some bread and felt immediate PAIN and BURNING. I didn’t take a few pansy drops…I did about a tablespoon and more. I was in FEAR because I thought the Pain and Burning would never go away. I was sucking down sodas and water, trying to breathe and regain my composure, but the potency of it was too much and it was just one of the worst experiences I have ever had. This truly is the hottest stuff I have ever tasted. Made me realize the true power of it and made a few people laugh too.

    Average Taste Heat
  129. Shingomama

    Extreamly HOT! Wouldnt ever try it with more than 5 drops at a time. I spilled some on my driveway and it really does remove greese stains.

    Average Taste Heat
  130. Jordan

    I bought a bottle of this stuff for my dad. We both survived the expreience of trying it, but just barely. Because neither of us would try it again, we needed another use for it so we started thinking. Eventually we decided to use it to keep the raccoons out of our trash cans. This stuff in AMAZING raccoon relelant! Our trashcans have not been touched since we started putting a drop on the bags at night. Great job Dave!

    Average Taste Heat
  131. Jason S. from Michigan

    This stuff is great! The first time I tried this I was like OH S**T!!!! Its fun to watch others try it. My co worker thought they don’t make a sauce hot enough for him. I guess he was wrong. One time after using Dave’s Insanity Sauce I forgot to wash my hands. I had myself some Atomic Scrambled eggs for breakfast before I went to work. I didn’t think nothing of it until I put my contact lenses in. I was jumping, yelling and screaming, not to forget yelling 4-letter profanities. After the burning slowed down, my eyes were so red it was like I spent the night at a feminist convention getting a lesson on how PEPPER SPRAY works. Taking a number 2 isn’t fun either. The people at the sewage plant would have to install new pipes because the old ones incinerated. I know there are other sauces out there that are hotter, but this one is hot enough for me.

    Average Taste Heat
  132. Name not provided

    This sauce is hot! One drop is all it takes!

    Average Taste Heat
  133. Cobbles


    Average Taste Heat
  134. Billy

    Jesus Osmosis this sh*t was so hot my colon ran away from me and i couldnt catch it because i was screamin so hard. I mean yea people say this stuff isnt hott well there liars… I took a crap and my colon burnt like Mount St Helens i meant this was an explosion to my colon … This is very hot. I recommend not giving this stuff to your grandma unless you want your grandma to leave this planet sooner.. Get it its hott

    Average Taste Heat
  135. Name not provided

    This is a one of a kind. Dont eat this by its self. Trust me i know. I took a dare. Only a dime size he said. Never Never Never again.

    Average Taste Heat
  136. Mikie

    The hottest I have tasted. Definitely one drop at a time. Three drops in a chili bowl is almost too much. Not much on the flavor front, get it just for the heat. Great for your too macho friends. It will put them in their place.

    Average Taste Heat
  137. Thomas

    This sauce is the best you can get for spicing up soups and sauces! Even good as a spread on cheese!

    Average Taste Heat
  138. Blake

    I made a $100 on a bet that I couldn’t eat a full capful of this sauce, not only did I do it but I never even found it that hot. I found sauces like Endorphin Rush hotter than this.

    Average Taste Heat
  139. Mike

    I’m a pretty respectful guy, so I figured I’d take it easy and put only a few drops on a tortilla to try Dave’s the first time. Yep, it’s absolutely nuts. Someone else got it right when they said that this should be used as a cooking ingredient. I’d add that the flavor isn’t what you’ll want to use it for, it’s kind of nasty. It’s high efficiency heat though. 2-3 drops per portion is about all a heat freak will want or need. There are definitely tastier sauces out there unless the heat is all you’re after.

    Average Taste Heat
  140. Name not provided

    This sauce it hot. I can’t taste the flavor, but who cares I bought it for the blistering heat.

    Average Taste Heat
  141. Mean Gene

    Come on. Sure it is hot, but it has an acrid, unpalatable flavor that just doesn’t do it for me. I prefer Ass Blaster myself. Equally hot, but equipped with a wonderful habanero, garlic flavor. Endorphin Rush is equally bad in the flavor department. Also try Scorned Woman while you’re at it. That is one great sauce.

    Average Taste Heat
  142. Dave's Latest Victim

    I put some on a roasted chicked the other day, the chicken jumped out of the pan and smacked me!

    Give some to a friend and watch the Exorcist come out of him!

    Average Taste Heat
  143. manuel

    My worker drank half a bottle on a 90 dollar bet. IT almost killed him,litteraly. rushed him to the emergancy room where he continued to throw up all over and over and over. burned the hell out every hole in his body. He is contomplaiting a hole bottle for 500 bucks.

    Average Taste Heat
  144. linden_hayes

    OMG This is like eating pepper spray right on you chip!!!!!!!!!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  145. Mac

    my first experience with this stuff is when I found it in my grandmothers fridge. I immediately knew this was my aunts, cause she really loves hot food. So I showed it to my friend ( we were both sleeping over), and he told me that it couldn’t be so hot. We looked at the back and got a good laugh. I told him to try it first. He stuck his finger in the bottle, then put it into his mouth. there was just enough time for him to go hmmmmm… Before he couldn’t speak. All he did was sit there with his mouth open breathing really fast. I tried it next. I was fine for about 2 seconds, then OH MY GOD! I’ve never, ever felt anything so HOT! And I am used to eating hot things! Habanero salsa, chili, and I’ve even tried Savinas!

    Needless to say, we both love Daves and asked my aunt if we could keep the bottle. She agreed, and my friend borrowed the bottle to take it on vacation and try on his friends. He has grown quite a reputation.

    Well the final frontier for us is to try ultimate insanity and The Source. Remember, don’t try gulping down this sauce. You will be sorry. And don’t touch your eyes either.


    Average Taste Heat
  146. Porbeagle

    To me, the best hot sauces are the ones whose peak flavor arrives a couple minutes after being ingested. If you survive the initial “burn” without wimping out by drinking or eating something else, Dave’s has an excellent taste. Not the best XXX on the market, but close.

    Average Taste Heat
  147. you'd have to be insane to use the stuff. Quite frankly it tastes disgusting, though it is pretty damn hot. I would reccomend many other sauces over this one

    Well, it lives up to it’s name

    Average Taste Heat
  148. Kendo

    Just got some, and anything more than a dab on the prong of a fork is too much.

    Average Taste Heat
  149. A Beginning Chilehead

    My friend gave me a bottle of this infernal essence to add to my collection, and, being a chilehead in training, I have a higher heat tolerance than the average person, so I gave this sauce a whirl. I put just a SMIDGEN on the end of a toothpick, and rubbed it on my tongue, swishing my saliva around to spread it, and within 15 seconds, I felt a sharp, warm sensation in the back of my mouth and throat. After this experience, I decided not to try it like a sauce. It wasn’t unbearable, but ‘cuz i used such a tiny bit, I will assume it is WAY, WAY, WAY too hot for me, and rate it “TOO HOT!”, and I didn’t taste anything so I will call the taste “Good”- This is definitely a scorcher. Strong work, Dave.

    Average Taste Heat
  150. Bob Berne

    1st phrase: “Holy sheepsit Batman!!!”
    2nd phrase: “Ohhh ohhh uhh ooow my God that stuff’s hot!”
    3rd phrase (several minutes later) “Can you get me some of that stuff?”
    A lot of people don’t understand the phrase “If you can see it, it’s way too much”, gets ‘em every time. I turned on a good friend to it and now, he’s not happy ’til he’s red and cryin’. Funny how when one person freaks from it, the others don’t take a clue- they want to do exactly the same thing that killed the first guy!!! Jury’s still out on flavor though, nothing tastes right right now ;-) .

    Average Taste Heat
  151. James

    I like it hot, and this one pushed my limits a bit. Great on Home-Fried Chicken! =)

    Average Taste Heat
  152. Adam

    I like this stuff a lot…first tried it at a restaurant that i used to work at. One day i was cleaning up and had to wipe off one of the bottles of Dave’s. I forgot to wash my hands and a while later went to go pee. This stuff is even hotter when its outside the mouth. I had to put part of myself into the sink. Turned out fine..no scarring

    Average Taste Heat
  153. Name not provided

    I’ve had hotter, such as El Yucateco XXX, or maybe it’s the amount you use that counts. Are hot sauses meant to be drank from the bottle?????? Any how not bad.

    Average Taste Heat
  154. both at about 1,000,000 SU) Dave's is much more unique. I highly recommend it.

    I’m a chemist who studies the interaction of endorphins in conjunction with Scoville units and while scientifically, there are some hotter sauces (Da’ Bomb, The Source

    Average Taste Heat
  155. Dave (No, not THAT Dave)

    Should be called “All Purpose Colon Cleanser”. Great taste, hot hot hot! But I love it! It must be the name…

    Average Taste Heat
  156. Nimtar

    Oh, The fun I’ve had with this sauce:

    Stagnight antics, where a mate had half a teaspoon on a poppadum, colleagues at work “liking hot food”

    after a few head exploding tastes, you can just about hack it, and it becomes nice.

    Average Taste Heat
  157. Justin

    A buddy of mine recommended this to me and said it was FLAMING! He was right on that one. But not only is it flaming, it is excellant. Full of flavor and packed with so much heat you won’t know what to do with yourself. The first day I bought this, I smeared it all over a polish dog with hot onions and hot mustard. It is the closest I’ve ever been to a forest fire. It burned like a mother, but was quite satisfying. The second day, (today) on a dare, used 1/3 of the bottle on a freshly caught and cooked small mouth bass sandwhich. I don’t know about you, but I can say I do not have any bacteria in my mouth whatsoever anymore. It’s like nuclear holocaust. Definently a great sauce, and a great medium to see if anyone has the stuff to handle REAL HEAT.


    Average Taste Heat
  158. Name not provided

    Was eating at the bar in Applebee’s when the bartender came up with this stuff. A drop on my finger touched to my tongue and it was good night Irene. Took my F’n breath away. Once my halucinations stopped I promptly bought the bottle from him and have been terrorizing my friends ever since. This stuff aint for the weak minded.

    Average Taste Heat
  159. Mr Bill

    I think it’s just about right. Add about an eigth teaspoon to a “large” bowl of chili and stir well. Not advised for wussies. The flavor lingers well after the burn subsides and gives you that “warm all over” feeling. I’ve found it to be an excellent overall mixture of ingredients designed for the “discriminating palate”.

    Average Taste Heat
  160. Capnwank

    I found this at a local grinder shop and found the taste to be kinda off, but the heat does make up for it. I use it in homemade jerk, chili, and when I want to show the min. wage freak at T.Bell I just place it on the counter and say”I have my own thank you” They always think its just a Tobas… product. Silly little people. Dont get any on the hand you use often… (o/o) Cap

    Average Taste Heat
  161. Frostymedic

    This stuff is STUPID! What in the name of all that is holy is in this sauce? Gasoline and a match would be much cooler. I have a bottle of Insanity sauce just to say that I have it.(and to play some great jokes on people at work. I use it on occasion, but I still think it taste like crap.

    Average Taste Heat
  162. Not too much in the flavour department but it makes up for that with some serious kick-ass heat !!!! Great stuff try on drunken, brave and foolish friends !

    Damn Hot !!

    Average Taste Heat
  163. Name not provided

    I love a firey hot sauce with nice pepper flavor, but this stuff tasted awful. It was very hot, which I like, but it tasted like dirt. But I have to admit, anyone who thinks that they can handle a teaspoon of any hot sauce is in for a big surprise with this one!

    Average Taste Heat
  164. Nosauce2hot

    Dave’s Insanity…
    I love it!!! Though its not hot for this 13 year old, I let my friends brother try some, who’s 16. He died. I take manical pleasure in giving this sauce to people and watching them collapse, or foolishily run for the water fountain. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  165. Dr Hot

    My wife made Fajitas for me and my friends a couple of weeks ago. We sat down and of course Dave’s was on the table. I warned my friends about the sauce and how they use to clean out old Nuke reactors anyway my friend Jae said “Ahh dont worry I’m Korean!” Those were the last words he spoke that night. About 15 seconds after he placed 2 tsp on his fajita he turned major red and couldn’t catch his breath.
    I’ve since invited Jae over for food and funny he always seems to be busy.

    Average Taste Heat
  166. Dr Hot

    This is the acid rain, nuke em and flame on sauce of all time! It makes a great tongue peel! OUCH this is no joke my friends. The taste is peppery and little else. not a hint of any other flavor here just pure HEAT!!! If you like it hot you’ll love this sauce!

    Average Taste Heat
  167. great for burritos, chili, BBQ, marinades. Story: I showed a friend my bottle, and he asked to try it. He was about to dump a tablespoonful onto a tortilla chip, and I would have let him, except I didn't want to pay for his medical bills! I kindly stopped

    The standard by which all others are measured. Unless you are truly insane, this bottle will last you quite a while. I’ve gone through a little less than half of one bottle in about six months. Excellent flavor

    Average Taste Heat
  168. Pepper Head Doug

    A real nice sauce to heat things up. Easy to use too much and fry your brain if your not careful. It’s wonderful to add to chili, dash on burritos etc. I don’t get a lot of flavor out of it, mainly heat. It’s just something I have to get past.

    Average Taste Heat
  169. sam marrone

    its hot

    Average Taste Heat
  170. hot steve@vancouverbc

    meyeeeoow damn

    Average Taste Heat
  171. Name not provided

    NEVER AGAIN !!!!!!!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  172. donnie

    i tried it a fuel pizza,it was behind the counter, i put more sauce on one slice of pizza than they use on a whole bacth of wings, the cook said. it was a test of manhood!not toto bad if your use to heat.beware wash hands throuly very well before any scraching or bathroom breaks! trust me

    Average Taste Heat
  173. michael

    Good stuff hot but not as hot as the daves ultimitate.Daves makes a god product.But I like my fresh home grown habies the best.

    Average Taste Heat
  174. Andy-Barber.org.uk

    I asked a mate to try it. He immediatley offer his little finger to inser into the bottle. I said no way; it’s un-hyginic & also it’s too hot! I used a thin knife & scrapped a thin line of it. He didn’t belive that the small amount I got out would be hot & grudgingly wiped it on his finger. When he licked it off, he said “Wow!”, then “Oh, wow! then “OMG it’s F-ing hot! and this went on for 20 minutes! It’s the biz but use with moderation, no more than 2 drops a time per meal

    Average Taste Heat
  175. it was GREAT.

    This sauce is FANTASTIC. I have always liked hot, spicy foods and so does my boss named Dave (no relation to this hot sauce Dave). I bought him a Dave’s Insane Asylum gift pack for Christmas and he broke it out at the company Christmas luncheon. I used 1/2 tsp Dave’s Insanity on each of 2 slice of pork loin roast. My face turned bright red, I was sweating, my heart was fluttering

    Average Taste Heat
  176. Deb Street

    If it don’t make u sweat, then it ain’t HOT enough!!!
    This sauce’s heat createEs a DELUGE!!! MAN UR ROW BOATS & ENJOY THE RIDE!!!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  177. Bryce

    I am tired of going to a restaurant
    and asking for a hot sauce and them
    bringing out some whimpy stuff
    that starts with a “T”. This is what
    they should provide!

    Average Taste Heat
  178. Bobby D

    This stuff is HOT….I mean HOT, HOT. Check this out, I maranaded a Pork Loin in Jack Daniels, Molassas and 1 tspn Dave’s Insanity. It came out great but nobdody else could eat it !!! I loved it…

    Average Taste Heat
  179. A.D. JOHNSON


    BRANDON, MS 39047

    Average Taste Heat


    Average Taste Heat
  181. A.D. JOHNSON


    Average Taste Heat
  182. robert

    Once after a day of hanging out in ft lauderdale afriend and I decided to get burgers from mcdonalds.we were so hungry,we paid little attention to the amount of Dave’s insanity applied,my mouth was numb and could not taste the burger(on Fire)

    Average Taste Heat

    I have tried all kinds of
    “super hotsauce” like endorphin rush, dave’s ultimate insanity, hog’s ass, batch 69. None of these has the combination of flavor and the right amount of heat for me, like dave’s original insanity. Its the perfect hot sauce for me, and add’s one hell of a kick to a bloody mary.
    If you like a really hot bloody mary try this:
    4 parts V8 juice
    1 part absolut peppar vodka
    1 dash worchestor
    1/4 tsp celery salt
    dash black pepper

    take care………michael

    Average Taste Heat
  184. Happy Beer

    I have tried this Hot-Sause it’s Very-Hot—–it brings Tears to the Eyes—-!!!
    Actually I have tried it several years ago,& it’s Great—!

    Average Taste Heat
  185. Grim

    Dave’s Insanity sauce is fantastic!!!I live in Australia and a friend brought me some back from a trip to the USA. Being a grower of chillis and I make my own sauces I was very impressed!

    Average Taste Heat
  186. Salesman40

    This stuff is SO HOT that you will want to dip your toilet paper in the water before you use it. True!

    Average Taste Heat
  187. Sj. White

    It sounds exactly like a sauce I’d buy.I do believe I’ve had a sauce made using Dave’s Insanity and it was
    GOOD! I drank it.

    Average Taste Heat
  188. Name not provided

    First, I am the only chilehead in my household, so we only have MILD salsas in the fridge unless I make a point to buy something hotter. We had taco salad one night, and I had a typical (for me) serving of about 1 lb (.45kg) of the stuff. I filled a small custard dish with Pace Mild salsa, and then proceeded to add 5 drops of this into it, and then placed it into my taco salad. PAIN!!! I was eating relatively mild foods the next day. The only reason I can figure that anyone would create this is if that person’s a complete psychopath. My hat’s off to you, Dave. :)

    Average Taste Heat
  189. Fergus

    Well what can I say. I love my hot food and have searched high and low for something that really kicks! I’ve tried the hottest Phal(Indian dish), and the ripest of scotch bonnet chillies. Nothing could satisfy my thirst for heat, until!!!!!! Well Dave you’ve made one Englishman very happy. Just one tip for anyone who is about to try it. Take the day off work tomorrow, make a bed up on the toilet and chill your toilet paper in the fridge! Thanks Dave. YOU THE MAN!

    Average Taste Heat
  190. Denny

    Like the egotistical moron that watching too many westerns has made me, I used several drops to heat up a Habanero past that I made for some cruel, very angry chicken wings. It took several snow cones (at both ends) to quell the relentless inferno the ensued completely engulfing my entire digestive track. If I didn’t already have a rectum it would have burned it’s way through any way!

    Average Taste Heat
  191. Miguel

    Some stupid girl i know gave me this stuff for my birthday cuz im mexican. it tastes like chemicals, and i got some on my fingers and went to the bathroom and got it on my wang… my friends found me 10 min later crying on the bathroom floor… i hate you courtney…

    Average Taste Heat
  192. Croydy

    I am very sick now and keep having hot flushes. only managed a quarter of it. my mate judas ate all his and is fine… i feel so inadequate

    Average Taste Heat
  193. Greg Pate

    Pure heating pleasure!

    Average Taste Heat
  194. Carl from Hernando, FL

    I take a handful of toothpicks and “wet” them in Dave’s Insanity, let them dry out, and then I have these awesome hot toothpicks that I suck on. Really great!

    Average Taste Heat
  195. Ryan From Philly

    It’s just not right. I tried a finger tip full and lost it! I was crying, shaking, sweating. Nothing worked!! Not milk, not bread, not crackers. The dumb lady at the restaurant where it was served told me to try not to breathe out of my mouth. How can I not breathe out of my mouth when the sauce causes snot to pour from your nose? I don’t know Dave personally or why him and his cruel scientist decided to create such a product or what poor soul they tested it on, but I pity the fool that crosses his path.

    Average Taste Heat
  196. Po

    This stuff is really hot. Even hotter than Blair’s 3AM

    Average Taste Heat
  197. Spencer
    Average Taste Heat
  198. Name not provided

    When I read the label, I thought to myself. Hah! How hot can it be. I put one tsp in my noodle. I had three bites and that’s that. The next three hours I was sucking on ice. After that I use it drop by drop and I just love that sauce. Good in almost everything!

    Average Taste Heat
  199. Cornfield

    Dave’s passes all tests by not only being hot, but tasty… something that too many of the folk who make the super-heat seem to forget. I’ve used it in jambalayaas, gumbos, chilis, all types of cooking, and even straight up on corn chips. (Watch out the next morning when doing the latter!) I’ve never been disappointed and recommend it heartily.

    Average Taste Heat
  200. Hot n Saxy

    Dave’s is hot, but it has a very bitter taste to it. I don’t know what Battery acid tastes like, but I imagine that Dave uses it as an ingredient. There are a lot of sauces as hot that taste good too.

    Average Taste Heat
  201. Erik Clay: Uncle Jeds BBQ TEAM

    I have a good story about my buddy Jed. We met working at Clydes, a BBQ joint. He was a cook and I worked the bar. He was leaving Clydes to take on another job and got out early and of course everyone had to buy Jed a beer. He had quite a few to put down and wouldn’t think of wasting em’. Now Jed introduced me to Dave’s and I was at one time a fool sucking wind to put out the fire. Jed had a few beers and decided he was going to be a tough guy and do a tablespoon straight to his face. About a minute later he was puking the stuff up, out his nose, in his eyes. He was outside throwing up saying, “don’t tell anyone about this”. Was he kidding? I told everyone I knew. The thing is he KNEW what it would do! Just goes to show Homer is right, “Alcohol is the cause of, AND solution to, all of lifes problems!

    Average Taste Heat
  202. Ashley

    Some friends of mine in class were talking about how hot this stuff was. I thought “hey I can handle it” and told them i would chug it. They brought it to school the next day, and this one chick tried a little dab of it on her finger and almost died. However, I still took the bottle and took ONE HUGE GULP of it. I was fine for about 2 seconds. After that, I had my head in the water fountain for about 15 minutes. I then drank a mountain dew on my way to the cafeteria to get some milk. My stomach cramps were indescribablle, and I felt like I was committing suicide. I felt better after I puked a couple of times, but hey, now I can say that I have drank more of that stuff than ANY of my friends, and to them I am a hero (as well as psychotic).

    Average Taste Heat
  203. GPA805

    After reading the reviews, I had to add my own experience. First, I was using Dave’s Ultimately Insane Hot Sauce which is more powerful than the Insane. Secondly, I have been using Dave’s Ultimate Salsa for a while and have always thought it was wonderful. Very Hot with great flavor. So, when I went to use the Ultimately Insane, I placed about 5 dollops onto each of the 4 turkey tacos I had made for myself. Holy S***. It was TOO Hot. Really couldn’t enjoy them. Didn’t go through some of the pain I have read about, but I did hurt myself. Hours after I had eaten, I kissed my wife and burned her lips. She was not a happy camper The next morning, not only did my arse hurt, my pee burned! This stuff is absolutely amazing and I love it. The next time I used the sauce, I spread a small amount using a chop stick. Very hot, very good. One drop is PERFECT in your own bowl of chili. No one in my family can deal with it.

    Average Taste Heat
  204. Branden

    This is a great sauce with a good flavor. Not really that hot, though. I used this sauce on almost everything.

    Average Taste Heat
  205. burnt tongue

    i tried insanity 4 years ago and i remember the experience vividly. i had no more than 3 drops on fish and i could feel the numbness in my mouth and tongue immediately. next i could feel the burn descend my intestine slowly. i drank lots of liquids. however, around 2 am i woke up needing more water. the next day i had milk. i didn’t feel normal for 24 hours!

    Average Taste Heat
  206. no one can believe how hot it is. 1 spoon of Dave's in a pot of chili makes it too hot for people who are not into heat! Warning

    Dave’s Insanity sauce
    is terrific! 1 bottle lasts me about a year… I use 1 drop to spice up my dinner, not every day or I get hives. I give samples to friends by putting a speck on the end of a toothpick

    Average Taste Heat
  207. Don Carlino

    I suppose I should have read the reviews first.. Mistake #1 adding 2tsp to chilli for 4, mistake #2 adding six birds eye chillis as well.

    Am now banned by wife from making chilli

    Average Taste Heat
  208. David Duncan

    Oh my god!

    I am a common vindaloo curry eater but I still was not ready to taste this stuff. I took a swig of the bottle to be the spicy champ. I nearly died! Other’s were squealing and crying (which I thought was rather wimpy) so I tried to keep a straight face… Impossible!
    TIP-It’s hot enough on the way in but be prepared for its exit from your body!

    Average Taste Heat
  209. chillime

    I drank half a bottle of this sauce for a bet, didnt hurl but it did bring a tear to my eye, excellent heat level, one for the truly insane. I`m glad it`s widely available, even here in the UK.

    Average Taste Heat
  210. donnie

    What I,ve found important with Dave,s is to put it in the right food. Its rich, dark taste is great in chili, soup, and sauces. If you want something on your tortilla chip, there are better options.

    Average Taste Heat
  211. Name not provided

    We were tasting this new bottle of hot sauce that someone had brought into the shop… we all had the toothpick taste, and … yes it was HOT!!! Pretty HOT!!!
    Later that night, I was making the lunch run, and decided to take the bottle along for the ride and have the Chinesse guy try s little… He said “OHH!!!! You bring me bottle hot sauce?” “Nope… this belongs to a guy in the shop. But I wanted to see if you would like to try some.” He looked at me for a while then handed me a little bowl. I tried the best I could to just get a little drop into the bowl so not to flamethrow his mouth. First he smelt it… then he proceeded to dunk his toung into the sauce. “Whoa!!! Whoa!!! Whoa!!! That’s too much!!!
    After about 3 seconds his face and eyes went red, and beads of sweat were forming on his fore head. He said, “You don’t eat that! That kill baby!!! That too HOT!!!
    Just a few drops and the sauce if wonderful.

    Average Taste Heat
  212. Mr Mitch

    I went to a friends house who had been looking for a great hot sauce. I am red headed, and tend to sweat when eating hot sauce. He said to try one drop on my pizza, so I went ahead and spread one drop across the top. I started sweating from the smell alone. The initial taste wasn’t too bad, but after 5 minutes my nose and eyelids felt as if they had been sunburned and was sweating like a stuffed pig. Later that night, I woke up due to nightmares and went off to the supermarket to purchase Tucks and Antacids.

    Average Taste Heat
  213. Name not provided
    Average Taste Heat
  214. Lance

    This hot sauce is hotter than the reviews! I definately think that Daves is hotter than Endorphin Rush, Smack my Ass, and others that claim to be even hotter. I still have not found an extract hot sauce with a good taste though.

    Average Taste Heat
  215. PT

    I wasn’t sure if this sauce was going to live up to the hype, but I have to say I think it’s awesome. Of all the hotter sauces, this one tastes much better than all the rest. The only exception is Mad Dog Inferno, which tastes incredible but is more like a steak sauce than a typical hot sauce. If you’re looking for the standard “hot sauce” type flavor, I gotta give it to Dave.

    Average Taste Heat
  216. Tintin

    Coworkers had me try a speck of this sauce on the end of a toothpick and my mouth was burning for at least half an hour. One speck! This stuff can’t be healthy.. haha

    Average Taste Heat
  217. Billa Bo Bob

    This stuff set my toung on fire. Still got burns to this day :-(

    Average Taste Heat
  218. Anthony

    I put a drop of this sauce on a tortilla and for the next 20 minutes I drank cold milk and water to get my mouth to stop burning. I put 5 drops in a sauce made for 50 buffalo wings and it was more than hot enough. Best wings I ever had.

    Average Taste Heat
  219. Jay

    This stuff is awesome. I used to put 1 drop into my personal bowl of chili. I used to take cans of Hormel Chili to work, and I’d have my Dave’s right along with it. At one point I was up to 9 drops of Dave’s per 1 can of chili. I do not recommend trying this, after 1 week of eating that everyday for lunch I had SEVERE Heartburn, and was forced to watch what I ate for some time.

    Average Taste Heat
  220. Name not provided

    It’s funny actually, I brought my insanity sauce into work about a week ago (we only have tabasco there, might as well put water on your food) A few days after telling everyone that it was MUCH hotter than tabasco and to only use it in drops, one guy dumps about a third of the bottle on his food. I had the day off, so I couldn’t stop him. I heard stories about him turning bright red, and attaching himself to the local water fountain. One girl literally thought he was going to have a heart attack. HA! Wish I could’ve seen that one. The next day, he says to me, “You’ve got to be insane to eat that stuff!” HA!

    This is definatly the worst tasting sauce out of the four I ordered from firegirl (Dave’s, Mad dog inferno and 357, and endorphin rush) but it certainly serves its purpose, giving me those wonderful endorphins at work.

    Average Taste Heat
  221. Char Buns

    The first time I had this sauce and then took a dump, I yelled out “Ow!!”, because, you know, it burned my ass!

    Average Taste Heat
  222. tikiking

    Of all the 10+ sauces, Daves is the best, hands down!!! Just don’t get it on your hands then go scratching your privates, it’ll have you dancing in pain.

    Average Taste Heat
  223. Andrew Smith

    I don’t know what you babies are crying about. This stuff is great, specially the morning after. I had one tea spoon with my food yesterday and boy did my arse enjoy it this morning. Is there anything hotter our there? If there is, I want to try it.

    Average Taste Heat
  224. Taco_Magic

    I Love this sauce. Hot as hell. I make what I call Chicken Diablo with it. It includes 1lb chicken breast chopped, taco seasoning, and 1 heaping tsp of Daves. Makes it hot enough to melt the pan. Tasts great!

    Average Taste Heat
  225. McMatt

    Tried it first in ’98 and haven’t stopped since. Always leave a bottle lying around in office kitchen in case someone wants a drop of sauce on their lunch and has never heard of it before!! Dave’s now goes into virtually eveything I cook.

    Average Taste Heat
  226. Name not provided

    How to get back at those not liked…
    1) pour some of this in their orange juice. But not too much, or they will notice the taste…Very amusing if drunk directly after a cup of tea with honey…

    2) Want someone to quit smoking? Add some of this to a small pot of water and steam it into their pack of cigarettes. Guaranteed that they will not choose to smoke any more.

    3) Wanna just plain make someone paranoid? Smear some of this on their heating vent for fun :-D

    Average Taste Heat
  227. Mr. Donuts

    This sauce is extreme. I had about 5 drops on a burrito, and I was whelping in pain! It took about 30 minutes for the fire in my mouth to die down. But then it really hit, as the fire in my bowels exploded up. I had to pack my pants with toilet paper just to wear them, and I had to buy one of thoise silly donut things to bring to work!! Not recommended for the weak. Ouch!!

    Average Taste Heat
  228. Name not provided

    Excellent sauce, good for cooking. Still not nearly as hot as the dave’s insanity “special reserve”.

    Average Taste Heat
  229. Doc Nelson chickenpicker01@hotmail.com

    I was introduced to Dave’s Insanity when I was on tour last year. I thought that it was TOOOO HOT!! I let our lead vocalist try a drop on the end of a toothpick, and he couldn’t talk, more less sing. The show was delayed an hour. He’s a “The hotter the better” guy from New Mexico, so I’m hellaciously impressed!! Truely the hottest ever!

    Average Taste Heat
  230. and I hate wasting good food. This stuff is BEYOND HOT. Some macho friends put a healthy glug on a bowl of chili at a company picnic, and I could tell they were struggling to get it down. (And no one ever did that again!) I usually use about 1 tbsp. i

    I put three DROPS of this on an oversized taco and wound up throwing it away

    Average Taste Heat
  231. Time Traveler

    I just had a corndog with several drops of this stuff. IMHO it’s not quite as hot as Endorphin Rush (but close enough) and it builds heat up in a similar manner. Plus I think it tastes better so I hold this stuff in high esteem, even if my stomach may complain. Reminds me of some Korean chili pastes I’ve had in the past. Only this is hotter.

    Average Taste Heat
  232. matt

    this sauce is one of the hottest i have ever had, it will take the skin off the roof of your mouth.

    Average Taste Heat
  233. Zach

    this is a very good sauce, I love it

    Average Taste Heat
  234. Artie Wray

    More fun than drinking battery acid. Seriously though, apply it with a toothpick to tortilla chips..a few dots will wake you up. More will have you dancing around the room for ten minutes…..super hot stuff!

    Average Taste Heat
  235. C. Hartig

    Wonderful Sauce, about 2 tablespoons to a pot of chili will have your geusts crying with pleasure.

    Average Taste Heat
  236. Dave Green

    I love this sauce. I have no taste for what’s hot and whats not. When I ate a tablespoon of this by itself at Cinco de Mayo I got really bad abdominal cramps. Thats my idea of good hot sauce!.

    Average Taste Heat
  237. Gary

    I just have one thing to say: TOO F***ING HOT!

    Average Taste Heat
  238. jeff Davies

    This sauce is a serious contender for the most dangerous substance in the kitchen, including boiling water and the naked flame. despite loving hot stuff, i can find no enjoyment in this so called sauce. My finger nails burnt 3 days after cleaning the spoon used to transport this hazard from the bottle to food.Difficult to give infomation on taste, may be worth a try if only for a short and painful experience !! best of luck. jeffd007@hotmail.com

    Average Taste Heat
  239. add some to your favorite salsa and it's awesome! Great flavor and packs enough heat to keep people away.

    This is a damn good sauce. You’re not supposed to put it DIRECTLY on stuff though

    Average Taste Heat
  240. Poet and singer

    This sauce had me cryin for five minutes.
    This sauce rocks,it’s good in chili,great on sandwiches.

    Beware:BURNS LIKE HELL!!!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  241. Jay A

    Wow this stuff is hot! Almost unbearable but I keep going back. Gave a taste to my wife, she was not happy with me for not warning her.

    Average Taste Heat
  242. Steve Orr

    A wonderful dark flavor. I
    can’t stand sauces that are
    hot with no flavor. This has a wonderful
    flavor that goes very well with the heat.
    I typically use whatever coats 3/4 of
    a toothpick in a bowl of what I’m eating.

    Excellent with menudo. :-)

    Average Taste Heat
  243. not very smart, maybe, but no wimp)on the theory that you have to get back on the horse that just threw you.

    Let me start by saying that I am no hot sauce wimp. I put Habanero sauce on everything, I literally choose what to eat by how well it will act as a vehicle for heat. So, when I tried Dave’s Insanity Sauce, I smiled when I read the part about how it can be used to clean driveways.
    However, a few seconds after eating the sauce, I had to suck on an icecube to numb my tongue. Tears were squirting out of my eyes. I couldn’t BELIEVE how hot the sauce was.
    Ten minutes later, I decided to try it again (I told you, I’m no wimp

    Average Taste Heat
  244. drew anthony

    about 30 minutes ago i was paid 50$ to drink a shot of this, it is absoluty insane. I feel fine now, but my stomach is kinda quezy. ice helped alot, for 20 min of suffering its not that bad

    Average Taste Heat
  245. Kien Tran

    No doubt, this sauce is HOT! HOT! HOT! It is so bad that I used it to train for hot food challenges. I’m not too fond of the flavor because it has a subtle oily/waxy-ness that I noticed in all of Dave’s sauces (Original, and Ghost Pepper). Tied for first in my book as far as heat. I think the Reaper Pepper Puree is just as hot. I like the taste of the Reaper puree better though because it lacks that oily taste. Pretty good though. I definitely recommend.

    Average Taste Heat

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