Dave’s Insanity Spice

Dave's Insanity Spice

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  1. Victoria

    This is truly the best chili flakes available in the US. Great on pizza, great in soup, great on salad, great in pasta, garlic bread, steak,fish, beans…This spice is for true

    Average Taste Heat
  2. Lory Ghertner

    I’ve been using this stuff for years and by the pound! Remove the bad taste of the habenero (yes it’s true, that’s why all the other hot sauces put all that crap in with it), and double the heat and you’ve got what you want: heat without adding artificial taste to the food you like to taste.

    Average Taste Heat
  3. 655321

    Quite hot, though not a lot of flavor…not bad, just not a lot there. Adds nice zip to a baked potato. A little dab’ll do ya. Worth your $$
    NOTE: I found the shaker holes in the cap to be too small, had to shake fairly hard to get the stuff out, was afraid to overdo it.

    Average Taste Heat
  4. Nick P. (Long Island)

    This stuff is superb! Blistering hot after a few minutes and lasts, great flavor. Best flakes I have ever had. If you think that the crushed red pepper you buy from the supermarket is hot, which is often ancho chilies, then you have to try this. Great for soups, pizza, sauces, ribs, pepper steak, steamed veggies, cocktail sauces, and anything else you want to add fire too!

    Dave has once again proven that there is nothing in the world like the RED SAVINA, the scotch bonnet and chiltepin which are rivals don’t meet the fire! I strongly recommend this product. I had sweat running down my face after eating 3 slices of pizza without taking a drink, with a moderate amount of flakes.

    Once again Dave has come through. 3 thumbs up!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  5. Steve Combs

    This stuff is pure E.V.I.L.! This isn’t the kind of crushed red pepper you dump all over your pizza, use caution. This stuff is a must have for anyone who enjoys a good ass kick’n.

    Average Taste Heat
  6. Name not provided

    That stuff’s simply great!! Great taste and nice heat buzz :)

    Average Taste Heat
  7. Name not provided
    Average Taste Heat

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