Dave’s Special Reserve Hot Sauce

Dave's Special Reserve Hot Sauce

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  1. Dustin

    Just had to take another little taste of it just now. Very happy to have got a bottle of this fine product today.

    The other reviews are right, and that fresh habanero flavor is there.

    I’ve never had any other Dave’s products, so I figured to start with the hottest of the hot. I’ve had my ass kicked harder, but I am extremely happy with this sauce, and the packaging makes it something great to show off.

    Expect no disappointment from this Reserve.

    Average Taste Heat
  2. welchs

    me and a couple guys got this and i took a teaspoon full and all it did was brun all my other friends went to the hostpotal haha i liked it

    Average Taste Heat
  3. Name not provided

    I received it as a gift, and shortly gave it away as a gift to someone else. This stuff was too hot for me. A couple of drops on a spoon gave me a bad stomach ache that lasted about 15 minutes. I tried it again the next day and the stomach ache returned. I was not thrilled with the flavor either. Also, this stuff is too expensive.

    Average Taste Heat
  4. Cole Lehmberg

    Why does it say 7.95; & it is 34.95??

    All I want is a responce.
    everyone I have let try the sauce loved it!
    I think it is awsome but I think I got hozed on the price?
    I can tell my freinds you over charged me by $27 or I can tell them where to get the best sauses I have ever tried?
    I spent $104.10 I like what I got but the price I saw and the price I paid were $27 different?? I would love to come back to try all you got and tell my freinds about you, But I got hozed on my order! If you put forth an effort to fix it I will tell everyone I know about you!
    Sorry to say but if you do not even try to fix it I will tell everyone I know to tell everyone they know that firegirl.com is a scam??

    Average Taste Heat
  5. I really like hot sauces, and my friend called me over to try something new. He was having a luncheon with his co-workers and had some of the Private reserve. They said it was the hottest thing around, but I took a good plastic teaspoon full and spread it over some BBQ beef sandwich. The flavor was quite good, and it WAS hot!! Not so hot for me that i lost my breath, but I did get uncontrollable hiccups. Everyone was laughing, but I shut them all up when I went back for seconds and more sauce. This is one HOT sauce, but nowhere close to DA Bomb “Ground Zero”. Still, it’s good for a topping on stuff. Love the coffin!!

    Average Taste Heat
  6. Cutjack

    I received a bottle of this for Christmas and thought the wooden coffin packaging was clever. It was signed by Dave with some sort of golden sharpie. To make a long story shorter I came home drunk and cracked it open. I’m a pretty tough cookie when it comes to hot sauce..I eat Dave’s Insanity Gourmet like it’s ketchup. So I poured some Private Reserve on like regular Dave’s and it buckled me in two. Yeah, after a pint of milk and a carton of Saltines I was able to get up off the ground. It’s worth the money. It’s hotter than hell.

    Average Taste Heat
  7. Phil Aenchbacher

    I just broke open my bottle of 2002 Reserve, got it from my wife for Christmas.

    It is excellent!
    A good, solid burn with excellent flavor! Me and a couple co-workers ate it with some pita bread (all we had on short notice) and we were sweating!

    Great, great stuff!

    Average Taste Heat
  8. Name not provided

    I was forced to eat ten wings drenched with this stuff (Circumstances withheld). It definetely tasted a lot better than regular dave’s. it was also MUCH hotter. It made my nose bleed. I am a habitual hot sauce user, so I fended quite well with the other victims.

    Average Taste Heat
  9. Chilehead

    This auce is quite hot, though not nearly as much so as Mad Dog 357 or Da Bomb, Final Answer, but definitely hotter than the ultra-disappointing Blair’s 3 A.M. Reserve and Satan’s Blood. I would say IMO it’s about equivalent to Mad Dog’s Revenge.

    This also makes a great collector’s item and it tastes great.

    I would have to say that I do agree with Habanero Heads review below that this does taste kind of like a fresh habanero pepper.

    For those who don’t already have this, it comes in a wooden coffin-like box with yellow caution tape around it.

    It is rather expensive, but once again it does make a great collector’s item.
    I highly reccomend it.

    Average Taste Heat
  10. Habanero Head

    This sauce is quite good. Tastes almost like a fresh habanero, though not as much so as Habanero 750. It also makes a great collector’s item.

    Average Taste Heat
  11. habs4breakfast

    I baught this along with 50 habenaro’s The hab’s were much hotter but I thought the coffen was really cool so good job

    Average Taste Heat
  12. Stickman

    Take the warning seriously, this stuff is HOT!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  13. Mammal King

    My buddies and me went through half a bottle of this
    Satanic nitro juice while eating some cheap burritoes and hoisting a few beers. We all survived except for some temporary blindness from rubbing the stuff in oureyes.
    This stuff is the hottest ever!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  14. Kevin

    Anyone who says they have eaten this stuff is not human! Without a doubt the hottest of about 300 sauces I’ve tasted. You can’t eat this stuff, maybe cook with it.

    Average Taste Heat
  15. simon

    holy s___ this stuff is hot!!!,but reaaalllyyyy gooood!!!

    Average Taste Heat
  16. My bottle, vintage 1996, has only had 1 1/2 inches used from it.

    Without doubt, the hottest thing I have ever eaten

    Average Taste Heat
  17. Cole lorenz

    I just got the 2013 scorpion pepper edition private reserve and cant wait try it!

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