FireGirl’s Alive and Well Chipotle Hot Sauce

FireGirl's Alive and Well Chipotle Hot Sauce

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  1. Cindy

    So far, I’ve left my old crappy job and gotten a new one, opened my OWN checking account, refused to cook dinner at least 3 nights per week, and demanded I get first choice on what we watch on the TV at least once per week. REVOLUTIONARY STUFF! I’m buying cases and cases to give to all my friends.

    Average Taste Heat
  2. jwzzum
    Average Taste Heat
  3. jwzzum
    Average Taste Heat
  4. jwzzum
    Average Taste Heat
  5. Paul from VT

    I ordered Fire Girl Alive And Well chipotle sauce with my last order. It’s good on sandwiches.

    I have also tried the alive and well mango sample you sent with our last order. It goes great with crackers. You know, sending samples is a good technique. I’ll probably order a bottle of it with my next order.

    Average Taste Heat
  6. Brandon

    This sauce has a good

    Average Taste Heat
  7. Dave C

    This is an OK hot sauce if you like salt. Good heat, nice taste except for the salt. Put it in bland food.

    Average Taste Heat
  8. tina

    it’s smokey and nice. I like it on bacon.

    Average Taste Heat
  9. Philippe

    This sauce rocks.
    Not unlike the Psycho B****h
    Chipotle sauce.
    I love it.

    Average Taste Heat

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