FireGirl’s Miracle-Working Spam Hot Sauce

FireGirl's Miracle-Working Spam Hot Sauce

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  1. steve-E

    MY PENIS FELL OFF !!!!, My neighbors moved to Montana, it put an eraser on my golf pencil, and hid all my tees, I got a letter from Social Security stating that I owed $1.8 billion dollars to them for not paying tax on my pepper sauce, I had to weave all the hair that fell off my head into a hammock, and all the hair that I had on my head regrew on my butt, I now have to shave at the beltline to keep from showing too much out of my pants, it took 28 days to get my high school diploma taken away from me, I feel like 100 yrs old, I look 1 thousand, and the only time I have sex is when the neighbors dog humps my leg cuz I can’t out run him because of this damned sauce, Congress said I was responsible for the current national debt, and my facial hair is no longer an embarrassmet, it is a Berber carpet above my shoulders, I gained 734 Lbs on two (2) bottles, Bill Gates sent me a bill for $4.38 million dollars so he could settle with all of the people that I sent E-mails to, and that prescription for VIAGRATE makes you permanently FLATULENT!!!!
    it tastes OK, use with discretion

    Average Taste Heat

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