Jim Beam BBQ Sauce

Jim Beam BBQ Sauce

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  1. David, Spokane

    This BBQ sauce is excellent. Great taste and smell. Best BBQ sauce I have had in a long time.

    Average Taste Heat
  2. Name not provided

    Not a bad sauce, but here’s a tip: add the spirit of your choice to most any BBQ sauce! In addition to bourbon, I like tequila, beer, and brandy in a BBQ sauce. Also try grillin with Jack Daniels oak chips for that extra smokey whisky flavor.

    Average Taste Heat
  3. Frank Lewis


    Average Taste Heat
  4. C.J. Franzitta

    Jim Beam BBQ went pretty well with the mini-hamburgers I made. I thought maybe I would get drunk if I ate enough of them, but in the end I only got bloated. I thought it was interesting that there’s no fat in Jim Beam BBQ. When people are BBQing, do they really care about no fat? And what kind of person buys a liquor-based BBQ sauce?

    Average Taste Heat
  5. Danno

    this sauce has a good bite and a TON of flavor.

    Average Taste Heat

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