Mad Dog Inferno Private Reserve Hot Sauce

Mad Dog Inferno Private Reserve Hot Sauce

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  1. Jadeite

    Fantastic sauce. Has a fantastic flavor .. like a sweet BBQ sauce but better .. the best taste i can imagine for a hot sauce realy. and then it starts creeping up on you .. pain. it grows out of the sweet flavor you initialy recieved keeps growing and then burns for several minutes. very hot and very VERY flavorful

    Average Taste Heat
  2. kufferk@hotmail.com

    About four years ago I discovered Mad Dog Inferno Sauce in Boston. The store allowed free samples but the Inferno was intentionally placed behind the counter so you had to ask for access.

    I put about three drops on a corn chip and chomped away as I read the bold lettered warning sign stating: Do not consume if you have heart or resperatory problems. I then walked away with a premature feeling of accomplishment.
    Very hot at first, the sauce gets hotter as you chew. Two minutes later I distinctly noticed a faster heart rate and shallower breathing.

    I hallucinated and nearly passed out. I then proceeded to bump into several other vending carts.

    Fortunately my sister saw a recent episode of The Simpson’s, and knew what to do. She rushed me into a nearby bar and ordered me two Bass Drafts.

    The bartender who was clearly amused at my discomfort (and stupidity) bought my second round.

    This stuff is real hot but I still use it weekly in spagetti sauce. The flavor is hard to locate because the heat does contaminate it.
    There is a distinct black pepper sweetness when used sparingly.

    Average Taste Heat
  3. Dexter

    I bought a bottle of this stuff from Stop & Shop. My brother and his two friends were there and we all tried like a teaspoon, OH MY WHAT A MISTAKE! It took like 20 seconds to start to fully experiance the pain, after that it took like 2 hours for the intense pain to go away…. My advice, don’t try more then a drop of this stuff at once!

    Average Taste Heat
  4. Jadeite

    first off i can eat habaneros stright i grow them in fact 3 golden habanero plants and 1 red savina and my fav 1 scotch bonnet plant and i must say this is an amazing sauce. got this because i didnt like daves insanity .. tasted like burnt tree bark. i also have mad dogs revenge . got this .. its 3 times hotter and i tell ya what .. its tastes fantastic . like a sweet BBQ sauce . its perfect . no trash taste from the extract. now this stuff is made with awsome pure ingredients and then the heat .. theres none at first its just like bbq sauce .. then hmm .. thats intreasting . .. where did the chyenne come from. a few seconds later …. what the, who stabbed my tounge with a needle…. then another 10 seconds your mouth is full of fire ants eating you alive.. .. its fantastic .. and tastes great i love this stuff . is one of the most entertaining things to let people sample.. tell em its hot as hell .. they try it and they start laughing . they dont taste any heat so they have more and then the fun begins .. love ya mad dog!

    Average Taste Heat

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