Matouk’s West Indies Hot Flambeau Hot Sauce

Matouk's West Indies Hot Flambeau Hot Sauce

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  1. Name not provided

    I first had Matouk’s while on my honeymoon in Grenada. I was quickly hooked on Matouk’s with my morning eggs. One of the best sauces for taste and heat that I have ever come across.

    Average Taste Heat
  2. Capsiblast500 (formerly A Beginning Chilehead)

    The story began on Monterey Bay’s Cannery Row. I was scouting out some new hot sauces to get my long-neglected capsicum fix in (vacation+restaurant food+no cooler=bland food overload!) The girl at the local hot shop picked this stuff out. So I bought it (10 oz for about 8 bucks, not bad for Trinidad–hey that rhymes)! I finally tried it–almost a month later, after I’d ripped my sorry gut to f**k*ng shreds with Blair’s Sudden Death. The verdict? Compared to that overhyped, 10+, off the scale, extract-laced shit, this stuff could pass as a Melinda’s clone. 3tbsp on a whole meal did little more than tingle my palate, but it’s worth it if you love the taste of fresh pickled scotch bonnet peppers. Big on taste–but an outright LIE ON HEAT!!

    Average Taste Heat
  3. Pants

    I’ve been downing Matouk’s sauces for a few years now. The local Chinese Supermarket has them for virtually nothing, so I have really stocked up. It is VERY hot, but not like the macho extract-based stuff. Very flavorful for such a hot sauce, and fruity with a touch of bulk to the consistency. By far my most favorite sauce — I even mix it in soup bases, or add it to Ketchup for eating fries. An amazing Scotch Bonnet-based sauce. Check out their Salsa Picante for another amazing taste if this one is a bit too hot.

    Average Taste Heat
  4. rankin fred

    This is my favorite hot sauce for eggs. It is apparently sold also as MP flambeau hot sauce. It leaves a slight burn, but is a delicious accompaniment to any egg dish.

    Average Taste Heat
  5. Mike B.

    Matouk’s West Indies Hot Flambeau Hot Sauce: I have been using Matouk’s West Indies Hot Flambeau Hot Sauce for some years. I first found it in “La Placita Latina”, a Spanish food store when I lived in Kissimmee, FL. I was amazed that it had such a good flavor while having a high level of heat. I now keep bottles of it in my home in NC.

    Average Taste Heat
  6. Final Answer

    My favorite hot sauce. Low price too! Textured more like picante sauce than tabasco sauce. The hottest non-extract sauce I have tasted. I mix it with picante sauce and use it on tacos. If I were to name the most important hot sauces to have in your kitchen they would be the following:
    1. McIllheney Tabasco Sauce
    2. Matouk’s West Indies Flambeau
    3. Da Bomb

    Average Taste Heat
  7. and one hell of a kick. Faced with a cute bartender I held the long lasting burn to myself...and walked away with a Bud Light 6 pack carton filled with Matouk's!

    I first tried a healthy dose of Flambeau in a bar in Florida (Lazy Flamingo) on a saltine cracker. It had a great, pure habanero flavor

    Average Taste Heat
  8. Big Dude

    I love this sauce!!!! I wish that I could get it locally. It goes great on Ranch1 Grilled Chicken Snadwiches. It sure leaves a burn in your mouth for about 15 minues after eating but it’s so delicious, it’s worth it.

    Average Taste Heat
  9. I'm still standing

    I am in love with this sauce.
    First tried on the Island of Bonaire and bring home a few bottles everytime I go. Rarely do I eat this plain Usually have to mix with ketchup although it does go well on cold cuts by itself. Use on eggs, in soups and stews, sausage and meats. Excellent sauce!!

    Average Taste Heat
  10. Sammy

    I first tasted Flambeau in St Maarten and fell in love with it. Twelve bottles accompanied me back to the USA. Very hot and very good!!!

    Average Taste Heat

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