Scorned Woman Salsa

Scorned Woman Salsa

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  1. cootsy

    This salsa is great. Its just what I was looking for! The other day i had a hot salsa craving so i went to my local supermarket and bought Newmans Hot salsa when i got home i dug right in but it just didnt have the zing i was looking for. Thats when i went searching on the internet and found Scorned Woman. The heat level looked to be right around what i was looking for. I just opened it today and its about half gone. Im going to have to order more very soon. I cant say enough about this Scorned Woman Salsa. Thank you for curing my craving. Try it!

    Average Taste Heat
  2. Lightningdan

    This stuff is amazing. Quite a bit of fire, but the taste is so good you can’t quit eating it. My favorite salsa used to be Mrs. Renfro’s hot habanero salsa. If I never learned about Scorned Woman I would have been happy with Renfro’s. But Scorned Woman is just that much better, and is now my new favorite. I’ll be ordering lots of it now from Firegirl. Awesome!

    Average Taste Heat
  3. Kerry

    Great flavor with just the right amount of heat. Very addictive…can’t have less that half a jar at a time! Heat stays with you, but is not too overpowering. It’s the JUST RIGHT SALSA!

    Average Taste Heat

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