Screaming Sphincter Hot Sauce

Screaming Sphincter Hot Sauce

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  1. pjzkxpwrs
    Average Taste Heat
  2. pjzkxpwrs
    Average Taste Heat
  3. pjzkxpwrs
    Average Taste Heat
  4. Paul

    I bought my first bottle of this as a joke because of the name. Upon trying it, I found out it was a really terrific hot sauce. Great pepper flavor, but not the burning discomfort of so many others. My favorite use is on panfried crappies and sunfish. Really, a superb product.

    Average Taste Heat
  5. Scott

    The first time I tried this,I had a vision of Homer Simpson screaming “Oh my God,it Burns!”Now that I’ve aclimated myself to it, it’s not so bad.In fact,it has a very good flavor once the burn subsides.It makes a great compliment to chili.And…you’re just going to have to turst me on this,a thin layer on a roast beef sandwich is really,really good.I thought this sauce was too hot at first,but have since become quite addicted to it.Definitely in my top 5.

    Average Taste Heat

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