Unbearable – Extremely Hot Extract-Based Sauce in Honey (Grizzly) Bear

Unbearable - Extremely Hot Extract-Based Sauce in Honey (Grizzly) Bear

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  1. Steven Lee

    The Name does say it all. Great to have around for those

    Average Taste Heat
  2. Amsterdan

    One of the few sauces that can get such intense heat without ruining the flavor. Taste is very good for the heat level. Best of both worlds. Large bottle, lasts forever.

    Average Taste Heat
  3. bkdwzcua
    Average Taste Heat
  4. Name not provided

    feed this to my mexican prep chef strong man but he ended up throwing up for something like two hours great stuff

    Average Taste Heat
  5. Name not provided

    A quarter sized glob reduced me to a sweaty teary eyed mess. I had controll of maybe two of the five senses. Ultra intense heat that lasted for a good 10-15 minutes. This sauce put me into an endorphin induced euphoria, just insane. This is bar-none the hottest extract sauce I have encountered, absolutley rancid heat but dont look here for flavor.

    Average Taste Heat
  6. Name not provided

    Had this at the 2005 Houston Hot Sauce Festival. Me and a friend each had a quarter sized dollop on a piece of bread. There is absolutly no delay with this extract sauce. Instant pain consumed my mouth and throat followed by tears, snot and slobber. This stuff could stop a bear dead in it’s tracks. It was such a shocker that I began laughing uncontrollably because I did not fathom how something could be soo damn hot. Once I composed myself, (2 sodas, a bag of cotton candy and 20 minutes later!) I bought a bottle of this unreal stuff.

    Average Taste Heat
  7. Danny

    Hands down the hottest sauce I have ever tasted. The taste is quite good though…very smokey. I love it!! Use it sparingly…1 drop is plenty for chili/soups. I recommend this sauce ***** out of *****

    Average Taste Heat
  8. Ed Felicetti

    Not just for breakfast! This sauce is very tasty and has excellent heat as well. I am very satisfied with my first FireGirl purchase.

    Average Taste Heat
  9. rsdrftdmjy
    Average Taste Heat

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